How to Increase Sales the Smart Way

How to Increase Sales the Smart Way
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When you are not hitting your growth objectives for your business, it is easy to panic. When members of your sales organization do not seem to have enough good opportunities on their plate, it is easy to think about asking them to drive more activity. It might seem like expanding your focus and casting a wide net is a good approach. In fact, doing just the opposite is the smart way to produce results and increase sales. Let me explain.

Use a Narrow Field of Focus

When you take photographs, if you make it so that everything is in focus, nothing stands out. Some of the best photographers use a narrow field of focus. A narrow field of focus makes the primary subject crystal clear and everything else blends into the background. This technique requires more skill, but the result is worth it because you end up with a higher quality photo.

The same holds true for how you identify proper sales targets. Let's say your prospects rate your message from 0-10. What number would your message need to register on their rating scale in order to get them to raise their hand and seek your help? For most organizations, "8" is the turning point. If your current message is too broad, it might reach a broad audience. However, it only hits each person at a 3 or 4... not an 8 or higher. What that means is that your message falls on deaf ears.

Identifying and then reaching the right audience requires three steps.
  1. Identify the Customer's Rant
  2. Craft Your Message
  3. Deliver Great Content

Identify Rant and Craft Your Message

In a recent article, I shared the concept of starting with an elevator rant and then
. The abridged version is that you need to define a problem that your customer would see at an 8 or higher in terms of severity that you are great at solving. Your message then candidly illustrates that you are there to see if they have that need, and recognize that your great solution is only great for the right situation.

Deliver Great Content

Attracting clients who have an interest or need for problems you solve is easier today than it was years ago. If your door squeaked when you opened it, you would probably search for "How to stop a squeaking door." You have been trained to search for the problem and the Internet will deliver the answer.

Search engine optimization companies come in two flavors: One group works hard to create the illusion of valuable content about a given topic. The second groups works to engage your team to actually create valuable content. Here's a hint: It costs less and is more effective to actually create great content instead of creating the illusion of great content.

For one idea on how to attract new clients, be sure to read Trent Dyrsmid's article on how to leverage content marketing as part of a comprehensive growth strategy. How Content Marketing Has Forever Changed How to Attract Clients and How You Can Take Advantage of This Shift

Buyers and Sellers Both See Scarcity

I had the honor of addressing a group of medical device pioneers at Johns Hopkins University recently. One of the inventors said "The problem is that there are no investors who care about devices." A couple of days later, I was speaking with a venture capitalist in the medical device arena and he commented "I can't find any new technology worthy of an investment." Ironically, the only gap is that the two parties had not yet found each other (yes - I made the introduction).

If you create great content describing the problem you are uniquely positioned to solve, then those facing the problem that need a solution will be beating a path to your door (or website).

It's Your Turn

What problem is your ideal client facing? Why are you the best on the planet to solve that issue?
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