Revive Your Cashmere And Wool Clothing With These Fabric-Saving Items

Extend the life of your wool coats and cashmere sweaters with these helpful tools that banish pilling and fuzz.
A woman or a girl holds an armful of knitted things of different colors, stacked in a pile, in the room. Winter and autumn warm cozy sweaters for charity. The concept of storage, care and washing of handmade products. A copy of the text space.
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A woman or a girl holds an armful of knitted things of different colors, stacked in a pile, in the room. Winter and autumn warm cozy sweaters for charity. The concept of storage, care and washing of handmade products. A copy of the text space.

Is there anything more frustrating than when expensive fabrics like wool and cashmere begin to deteriorate? Excess fuzz, pilling and stretching can make these otherwise cozy, high-end materials look threadbare and worn. Luckily, there are a few simple items available that can give these fabrics a much-needed refresh, leaving them looking and feeling practically new despite years of use.

Wool or cashmere coats and sweaters are generally big-ticket items that don’t come cheap, but they can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for. Adding longevity to investment pieces makes these kinds of splurges well worth it, and it’s easier to do than you might think.

We hunted down the most highly-rated fabric-saving products at a range of price points, so you don’t have to turn to pricey professionals to revive your wool and cashmere items every winter season. Whether you need electric options that can do some heavy lifting or want a low-key brush that can fit in your purse, we’ve got you covered with 11 handy tools.

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A wildly popular battery-operated defuzzer
With an astonishing 78,699 ratings on Amazon, this Conair fabric shaver is as easy to use as it is effective. It's adjustable, so you can use it on a variety of fabrics, and it has a detachable lint catcher that makes cleanup a breeze. You can even use it on a couch! There's also a rechargeable option for a slightly higher price, if you don't want to deal with batteries.

Get it from Amazon for $13.49.
A small sweater comb
Toss this sweater comb in your bag and you're good to go. Use it on everything from fine-gauge knits like cashmere, merino and mohair to sturdier blends and synthetics to get rid of unwanted pilling and fuzz.

Get it from Amazon for $18.80.
A large mesh wash bag
Washing clothes in a mesh bag on laundry day can help keep them from getting stretched out or disfigured. This large bag from Woolite helps prolong the life of delicate fabrics like cashmere and silk without sacrificing hygiene.

Get it from Target for $5.99.
A sweater shaver and cashmere comb combo pack
Remove pills, fuzz and lint from clothing with this Comfy Clothiers set. It's perfect for traveling or on-the-go refreshes while you're at the office. Keep a set in your purse and another at your desk for a low-key outfit pick-me-up.

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.
A classic cashmere brush
Handcrafted by artisans, this cashmere brush is part of The Laundress's wool and cashmere collection, and is ideal for getting rid of lint, fuzz and dust from cashmere or woolen clothing. Not only does it get them tidy and clean, but brushing between wears helps release natural oils that rejuvenate the yarns to keep them looking like new.

Get it from Amazon for $63.
A wool and cashmere sweater stone
Naadam's natural, volcanic pumice stone is shaped to fit perfectly in your hand as you brush the pills and fuzz away. It even comes with its very own chic little carrier case.

Get it from Naadam for $15.
An electric fabric shaver and lint remover
The Beautural fabric shaver and lint remover has two different speeds and two replaceable stainless steel blades that cut away at fuzz, lint balls, pills and more.

Get it from Amazon for $12.97.
A fabric shaver and lint brush in one
This tool from Gleener not only quickly and gently removes pills and fuzz, but also has an integrated lint remover that dusts away pet hair and dandruff as it goes. It is small, handy and perfect to use on the go.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.
A set of cedar blocks
Keep those pesky moths at bay and clothes smelling fresh with this set of Homode cedar blocks for clothing storage. It includes cedar wood chips, blocks and balls for both dressers and closets.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.
A portable lint remover
This Ruri comb is perfect for those looking to avoid batteries and chargers. It not only gives clothes a facelift, but also removes pet hair, crumbs and more from fabrics. It has a pure copper head that will work wonderfully for years to come.

Get it from Amazon for $12.89.
A delicate wool and cashmere shampoo
Keep your high-end fabrics feeling and looking their best without constant dry cleaning with this allergen-free shampoo from The Laundress. The eco-friendly, plant-based and biodegradable wash is perfect for knits like wool, cashmere, merino, mohair and more. Best of all, it smells absolutely divine.

Get it from Amazon for $20.

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