How to Keep Your Blog Fresh

If your readers no longer expect something different from what you are sharing, quite likely the traffic is going to slow to a crawl -- then perhaps to a full stop.
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Years ago, the word "blog" was not a part of anyone's lexicon. Today that has all changed, thanks to the Internet. Initially, writing a blog and posting it was all that anyone managed to accomplish because that is all they knew how to do. But who was reading it? Where'd it go? Most blogs started out as nothing more than a not-so-personal journal. These early bloggers had little idea how to actually drive traffic to their blog and many eventually stopped blogging because they ran out of conversation, and just felt that their words had vanished into some dark hole since the responses were few and far between.

Fast forward to today where there are thousands of blogs on a variety of topics -- many of them making fascinating reading. Sometimes, though, these blogs can make a reader feel as though they are not getting any fresh content while often the writers for these blogs may feel frustrated due to lack of originality in their message. True, many bloggers have an area of expertise and soon exhaust what information they can impart. But, bloggers take heart: You don't have to stick to just one subject!

This came to mind recently when searching sites on hiring bands for a wedding reception. There are many possibilities available from a 10-piece orchestra to a single disc jockey, from Frank Sinatra types to those who perform today's pop hits. They all have their style, and most stick to it, but there was one band in particular that showed just how flexible, not to mention savvy, they are. The Grooves perform songs that are classic and contemporary or funky and fun. In other words, they are diverse and know how to keep it interesting. So, too, should your blogs be. If your readers no longer expect something different from what you are sharing, quite likely the traffic is going to slow to a crawl -- then perhaps to a full stop. Yes, it is important to write what you know, but it's also important to be able to switch gears just like The Grooves do in order to meet their patrons' needs.

So, just how can you keep your content fresh? Here are some suggestions for consideration:

1.Get out of your comfort zone by educating yourself on other topics.

This is not to say that you should blog about topics that are out of your expertise, but perhaps you have opinions or questions on a particular topic that will inspire others to share their knowledge. For instance, you have a dog, but are not a veterinarian. This doesn't mean you cannot share your experiences with your pet, including any medical issues it could have.

2.Read magazines, newspapers, and, yes, other blogs that you wouldn't normally read.

Quite likely you read what you read simply because of a personal preference. Let's say you cannot get enough of People magazine or Cosmopolitan, but picking up The New Yorker or Fast Company may give you some ideas for a blog that would happily surprise your readers.

3.Watch programs you wouldn't usually watch.

This, too, is pretty much the same as what you read. Perhaps you prefer PBS documentaries and news programs, but turn that channel on to a reality TV show. It's quite certain you could find something to share with your readers that they wouldn't normally expect from you, but will keep them coming back.

4.Get away from your computer for a while and take a walk.

Not only would you be getting to know your neighborhood, you may cross something that will inspire you. More importantly, getting away from your computer will offer a fresh perspective. Sometimes the best stimulation comes far away from that keyboard.

5.Browse shops that you normally wouldn't patronize.

Again, this is similar to reading different magazines and watching different programs. If you normally find yourself in clothing shops, browsing the shoe aisle, instead wander into the art gallery nearby. Study the works, read up on the artists. Explore what you don't know because eventually you will be informed on something you previously never ventured to understand.

The above approach can help bloggers be both "classic" with a dash of "fun." Now get out there and be fresh!

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