How To Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Halloween

How To Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Halloween
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Trick or treat time is a blast for kids and adults, but when it comes to your pup it can be a little overwhelming for him. Follow our dos and don'ts to keep your pup from stressing out this Halloween.

Hide the Candy

Yummy candy deadly? When it comes to your pup, yes. There are five major dangers when it comes to candy that can seriously harm your pup. Methylxanthines is found in chocolate (the darker the chocolate, the higher the dose) and can make your dog vomit and have diarrhea and in extreme cases cause seizures. Next up is Xylitol, an artificial sweetener. It's found in gum and sugar-free candy and if your dog eats it his body will release insulin which can lead to hypoglycemia, seizures, and liver failure. More toxic food includes raisins and macadamia nuts. These can destroy your dog's kidneys and cause wobbliness, fever, and vomiting. The final danger is packaging, especially wrappers and sticks. These can get lodged in his throat and his digestive track. Keep all candy out of your pup's reach and locked away. If you have kids it's extremely important to teach them not to share candy with their furry friends and to keep it in the kitchen in a high cabinet. If your dog ingests these foods, call your vet immediately or call Animal Poison Control at 888.426.4435. Want to treat your pup? Try whipping up these Organic Pumpkin Dog Cookies so he's not left out of all the yummy fun!

Don't Force Costumes

OK, they are adorable and so hard to resist, but don't torture your dog. Only dress him up if he is comfortable with it and enjoys hamming it up for guests. Make sure it's not too tight as well. If your pooch hates costumes, he could try to take it off and strangled himself or suffocate. A fun alternative to costumes is a little hair color. Use non-toxic washable makers to color in his fur. It'll wash out in just a 1-2 baths. Check out Mercutio spotting a blue Mohawk and tail.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Faux spider webs, fake creepy crawlers, and candles are all harmful to your pooch. He'll no doubt be curious about what all the decorating is about and sniff, chew, or eat your Halloween paraphernalia. Also, candles + pooches don't mix. Your dog could easily knock them over and start a fire or even worse, his fur or costume could ignite.

Keep Your Dog Calm

Trick or treat can be a super anxiety causing for your pooch. Loud kids (and adults), strangers, scary costumes, and doorbells and knocks at the door, can quickly send your dog into a frenzied state. If he hates quests, put him in a locked room with food, water, and all his favorite toys. Also, you don't want him to run away when you open the door, bark, or (even worse) bite anyone. If you are keeping him out in the open, put him on a leash so he doesn't bolt out the door. You'll also be able to control him in case someone is afraid of dogs. Tell guests (especially kids) that they can pet your pup one at a time (only if your pup is super friendly and doesn't have a history of aggression though). To keep your pup calm, you can also tire him out with lots of playtime during the day, feed him before trick or treat, and spray him with a calming spray.

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