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How to Keep Yourself Motivated Every Day

Even I feel demotivated to do so each day and have found a set of do's to keep myself motivated in everyday life. Let's discuss a few of those here.
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Enough has been said and written on how to achieve your goals and motivation to fulfill your dreams but with time I have realized that our everyday life needs a motivation to get up in the morning and take on the grills of the daily life. And accomplish all the things you are supposed to do everyday day. its easy to find a motivation to win a game or gain a promotion but what about the motivation needed to get up each morning and carry on your daily chores, go to office, finish your daily routine and hit the bed. Even I feel demotivated to do so each day and have found a set of do's to keep myself motivated in everyday life. Let's discuss a few of those here.

1. Read a motivational quote every morning
It is very important to start your day with a positive thought, it sets the tone of the day. The best way to do this is follow someone on twitter who keeps tweeting inspirational quotes or there are numerous apps for this as well. A positive thought in the morning gears you up for the everyday mental grill.

2. Engage in some physical activity like walking, breathing exercise or yoga.
"A healthy mind resides in a healthy body" goes an old saying. Until your body is fit and active it cant take on the tolls of daily routine. Join a gym, or become active in some community sports, need not be everyday.

3. Do something creative
Every one of us is a creative being with some hidden talent which you may or may not be aware of. You need to find that talent and let it out.


4. Put a picture of your long term and short term dreams in front of your work desk or bed.

Say you have a dream of owning a private jet or a villa, have a picture of it pasted near your bed or desk. Look at those pictures each morning and make yourself realize how important it is to get on with your daily life to achieve that dream.

5. Try to make some milestones in your routine office work
Whatever be your work is it can be put into small achievable milestones. Fragment it in a way that it seems as a number of milestones to be achieved and decide in the morning as to this many milestones are to be achieved today. Keep the goal to be practical but at the same time keep it growing little by little. Once you have achieved a days milestones, you will feel a sense of achievement and soon you will also realize that your ability to deliver is increasing gradually.

6. Plant a tree and nurture it.

Planting a tree and seeing it grow as you nurture fills you with a lot of positivity. It will give you a feeling of contentment with passing days as it grows.

7. Count your accomplishments
Once in a while its very important to sit and think about all that you achieved so far in life. We often belittle our achievements or often forget and get depressed by others achievements and accomplishments in life be it monetary or personal. So next time you feel low, try this one.


Some of the things listed above might sound weird and unrelated to motivation but they have a deep physochological effect and help you reduce negative elements like stress, demotivation from your mind. and eventually increasing your ability to accomplish things in a better fashion with lesser toil on the body and mind.