How to Know When It's the Right Time to Do Your Next Big Thing

Here's to the best year of your life, filled with lots of answers from your heart, trust and magic.
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Resolutions have been set and now it's go time.

A lot of our goals may come from a general course we were given that our life will take: go to school, go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after.

Of course we have our own personal experiences blended within the expected course, and we also have the magical component of free will, meaning we actually get to choose what our experiences will be.

So how do we get to that place of knowing when it's time to do the next thing, or if the next thing is even right for us?

There is one way to get there, and it's a method I've used myself and teach my clients. It's simple, highly effective and absolutely free.

Here it is:

While comfortably seated with both feet firmly on the floor, sitting up straight, place your hand over your heart, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then ask the question you're seeking an answer to.

Pay attention to how it feels in your body. Does it feel good? Do you feel anxious or agitated? Does the question excite you?

Our bodies are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. When we truly inhabit our bodies with our spirit, then we will always be guided to our next step. It may not be logical to our left-side brain thinking, but it will be true to our heart. And that's where the best living comes from.

Spend some time with your answer. Try to avoid figuring out how it will happen, you're job for now is to just figure out the what.

If you're new to this and concerned with knowing if your answer is truly you and not your ego or coming from outside influences, pay attention to how long the desire stays around. If it keeps nagging at you, then that's your heart talking. If you forget about it until someone brings it up, then that's your answer.

We grow and evolve on a daily basis. What worked last year may not work for you this year, so try not to limit your thinking with how life used to be for you.

Instead, focus on trusting your inner guidance system and trust it. The more you tune out the world and tune into you, the louder your guidance becomes.

Get quite, listen and enjoy the unfolding of your life. Throw out the pre-written script and write your own.

Here's to the best year of your life, filled with lots of answers from your heart, trust and magic.

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