How to Learn a Language Without Burnout

Ever since I founded the language-learning company, Fluenz, I have gotten countless questions about learning Spanish, French, Chinese and other languages.

A question that I have come across repeatedly, and one I think is important to address, is "how much time should you spend learning languages so as not to burnout?"

This is something that you should all take into consideration when picking up a language. Language learning not only requires you to study new material, but to master and absorb it, as well.

Unfortunately, this question has no correct answer. The amount of time you should spend studying a language varies significantly from person to person.

A great way to approach this is to start with a new session every other day. This will allow you to properly assimilate and practice new material on your days off. With a bit of instinct and self-knowledge, I have no doubt that you will be able to determine what timeframe works best for you.

If you start to feel like this is too slow of a pace for you, and you feel that you can sustainably increase your language dosage, be my guest!

The secret lies in knowing when to rest. When things begin to get blurry and when your level of discomfort exceeds your level of achievement, that is when you need to stop.

When this does occur, don't panic! Simply take a few steps back, recap the material, focus on your weaknesses and continue onwards. Remember, learning a language is just as much about the journey as it is about the results!