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Store: Learn Photoshop, Illustrator And All Of Adobe Creative Cloud For $30

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Whether you’re ready to make a career change, want to turn your side hustle into your main gig or just want to explore your creative side with a new hobby — you’re going need a few software skills.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry standard for creatives and a necessary tool for anyone who needs to create their own branding, or is simply interested in photography, graphic design or video. If you don’t know your way around Illustrator, Photoshop or any of Adobe’s big tools, you’re in luck: The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle gets you up to speed on all of them for less than $30.

The complete package includes seven courses: one on each of the major programs of the Adobe CC suite, and then some. In just 65 hours of training — that’s only two hours a day for a month (and let’s face it, you have plenty of time now that “Game Of Thrones” is over) — you’ll complete 200 tutorials and exercises that will have you editing stunning selfies and designing your own company logo in no time. Better still, the entire bundle is on sale for 95% off the combined cost of the individual courses, so it’s only $29 right now.

Learning all of these programs would normally require lengthy classroom courses or time wasted combing through YouTube videos to find the correct tutorial. This Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle gives you the structure of a course by The Academy of Design, but the flexibility to do it on your time and at your pace, all you have to do is hit pause or rewind.

Upon completing The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle, you’ll learn:

  • Adobe Photoshop, the wildly popular photo editing software whose layering and filter capabilities are essential in everything from web design to 3D art.
  • Adobe Illustrator, a graphics tool used to create and modify logos, artwork and more.
  • Adobe InDesign, the primary software for graphic designers working with projects of any size in print or digital media.
  • Adobe Flash/Animate, in conjunction with After Effects and Premiere, it’s the best way to craft slick animations for web apps, video games or even film.
  • Adobe After Effects, a vital composition tool for video editing and animation.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro, a comprehensive way to edit video and mix sound.

Don’t put your dreams on hold, pick up the Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle for $29 today. And, if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle - $29

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