How to Leverage Technology to Improve Your Sales Process

Every business aims to increase its revenue by generating more sales. It starts with having an organized sales process. With the fierce competition online, it has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to get more customers. To increase sales, firms need to make an efficient use of technology and manpower. Here are tools you can use to leverage technology to improve your sales process:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a critical component of making a sale. It will help you earn the trust and respect of your prospect at every touch. Most salespeople have no idea how many of their communications are deleted immediately or cast a poor light on their professionalism simply because they are poor writers and bad spellers.

Key features:
■ Grammarly's free service notifies you of critical errors such as spelling and typos
■ The upgraded version also catches advanced grammatical errors, helping you to look skilled and professional. Always put your best foot forward!

2. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is software that shortens the sales cycles and helps in dealing with bulk volumes of data to get you to the right decision maker. It creates a simple but effective path for converting prospects into appointments.

Key features:
■ Salesloft sales dialer integrates email as well as phone conversations into one platform and automates sales dialing to increase productivity.
■ It helps in creating the email templates and tracks their response.
■ It claims to increase qualified leads and appointments by a whopping 300%.

3. Insightly CRM Software

Insightly gives you everything you need to make your customers feel special. You can use it to stay on top of your sales processes at every step ‐ from initial lead management and customer communication, through reporting, invoicing and customer payment.

Key features:
■ It automates all the sales related activities and increases the productivity of sales team.
■ It can capture the leads and assign them to the sales staff as per their territory.
■ It also helps in managing the customers by tracking the purchase history, payments and establishing effective loyalty programs.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator increases social selling by contacting the right prospects and building trusted relationships with them.

Key features:
■ It does smarter sales prospecting and provides leads, customized to meet the needs of the business.
■ It helps to focus on target accounts and provides insights to improve the sales workflow.
■ It also gives details about the people who have viewed the profile and helps to reach out to them.

5. Clickdesk

Clickdesk enables your business website with the live video and live chat which helps to boost the sales process. This software helps increase sales, conversions and retention. Live chat plays a vital role in converting the potential buyers into buyers as it gives a chance to discuss the needs of the customers while gaining their trust. Research conducted by Shopify revealed that chatting customers were 3 times more likely to become return shoppers and even placed large orders.

Key features:
■ The co-browsing feature allows agents to check the pages viewed by the customers which help the agents to guide them through the website.
■ Offers seamless integrations with the apps and CMS you already use to run your business.
■ Agents can share the files with the customers with the help of the chat window.
■ It also provides the analytics of the customer feedback, which helps to measure success.

6. Atlatl

Atlatl focuses on visual selling and designed to aid salespeople in closing more deals in a single meeting with its 3D configured price quote solution. It also helps in making the complicated sales process more effective and less cumbersome.

Key features:
■ It helps sales people to address all the queries of the customer by customizing the products per the need of the customers. This allows salespeople to provide technical presentation without having the technical expertise.

7. It has the Quotebook tool, which provides central product information and pricing data that helps in provide exact quotes for sales reps thus reducing the chances of errors.KiteDesk

KiteDesk provides smart sales prospecting software for growth organizations. Business owners and salespeople dramatically decrease the time it takes to find their target customers with good contact information.

Key features:
■ KiteDesk is the first lead generation system to combine an on-demand Prospecting Toolbar, Chrome Extension, and WebApp
■ It allows you to define the criteria of your target customer and generates lists with contact information in just seconds.

8. helps in improving the sales by making it easier to acquire leads from Linkedin and monitors the mentions on Linkedin.

Key features:
■ It is user-friendly as it takes only a single click to get the leads from Linkedin into the excel sheet with the help of the Sales tools Extractor.
■ It helps to check the newsfeed on Linkedin and users can add important words in the Sales tools newsfeed watch and it searches and automatically saves the mention that have the designated keywords.

9. Toutapp

Toutapp is the one-stop solution for getting and retaining more customers.
Key features:
■ It is very effective in tracking all sales communication as it gives all the details of the prospects interaction with the company.
■ Provides different templates for various types of interactions with customers
■ It schedules the meetings and sets reminders for important tasks. It generates the prioritized the sales workflow to make the best use of time while addressing priority tasks.

10. Brandboom

Brandboom is a B2B eCommerce and wholesale sales platform designed to increase revenue and get more buyers.
Key features:
■ It increases the efficiency of the sales staff by 40% as it reduces time in fixing orders.
■ It helps to make good presentations in less time and makes it easier to contact the buyers.

It is also used by a large number of buyers hence; it also helps in increasing the sales. Generating consistent sales is something every company must do to survive, but it is not easily accomplished. You don't need to use all of these technology tools in your sales process but pick two or three to get started with. With proper implementation, you can accelerate your sales and boost the revenues in the next 30 days. It will also help you add more accountability to your sales process, especially if you have a sales person working with you.

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