How to Listen to Your Intuition When Life Becomes Demanding

Morning Alarm. Snooze. Wake up. Grab a coffee. Go to work. Pay your bills. Strive to get the pay raise you need. Do what is of expected of you. Work longer hours. Carve time out for family, friends, relationships and personal obligations.

Sound like your life? This is the average routine of many people. Constantly on the grind to make things happen or make something happen I should say.

What happens when your life becomes so loud you can't hear your own inner thoughts anymore? What do you listen to then?

When life demands so much of us or when we demand so much out of life, it is hard to hear the gift we were born with, our intuition.

We are conditioned to follow a plan and that life is a series of events that should be executed by a certain time frame. Go to college, get married, have kids, you get the idea.

However life doesn't always go according to "plan". Actually most times, it doesn't. So what are you left to rely on?

Sure you could follow another life model and see if that gets you the results you were hoping for. But life models are exactly that, models. They are a "perfect picture" we are ever seeking and striving for.

There are detours, obstacles and usually a change of plans when it comes to our life path. Life is always changing and it isn't always reliable.

The one thing that is valuable and reliable is our intuition. I like to think of it as a gift from the universe because it is.

Have you ever faced a decision or had a feeling about something and went against it only to realize later you should have listened to it? Yep, that is your intuition giving you a royal kick in the butt.

You don't need to be a "psychic" to be intuitive. You just need to trust and surrender to the inner voice or nagging loud voice in your head that tells you to go one way even if the path seems less traveled.

In my work as a professional intuitive and spiritual coach, people constantly ask "How can I listen to my intuition more? How can I connect with this gift?"

Here are some simple ways to get you started:

1. Intuition and Creativity: Set aside 10-15 minutes out of your day to focus on something intuitive or creative. Writing, creative journaling, meditation or dance are some powerful activities

2. Prayer and Gratitude: Throughout the day connect with your heart center. Concentrate on the positives that have happened for you. Open your heart to gratitude and sacred prayer. Invite your intuition to guide you.

3. Opening to the Universe: Sit for 10-15 minutes and imagine you have traveled to the galaxies of the universe. Connect with this powerful energy and listen to the intuitive language of the universe. Even the universe has a consciousness, an intuition, a soul. Imagine you are receiving all of the beautiful gifts the universe has to offer. Feel free to connect in this state in the morning and at night.

While we may not always know the end outcome to every decision we make or journey we embark on, we can allow our intuition to engage us towards a more fulfilled and happy life. Surrender to yours and let it be the light that guides you.

Emily Stroia is a professional intuitive and spiritual medium, spiritual development coach and mentor, author and motivational speaker. She also teaches classes on spiritual development and coaches people to discover their own spiritual gifts. She is also an avid writer and you can find additional works by her in OmTimes Magazine, TinyBuddha, Sivana and ArtTour International Magazine.

Visit her website, for more information.