How to Live By Faith and Not By Fear

Let go of trying to control the outcome and the need to know how things will work out because you don't need anything. You are everything.
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What would happen if you let go of the need to have faith? Instead you were in complete connection with your source?

I would love to share with you the principles that have helped me in times where life has been thrown up in the air or I simply desire to experience more connection with God.


Before you can connect to your desires you must accept where you are in this very moment. You must forgive yourself or others for what is occurring and be ok with everything. If you are broke and unsure of how you will pay your rent, you must accept this without judgement. If you, or someone you love is sick, you must accept what is happening in your life and release the need to control or analyze it. All transformation and miracles occur once you have accepted yourself as is (warts and all!).

Let go

Faith can often have an undertone of control. Although we may turn to faith in times when we feel we have lost control, we still cling to faith as the bridge to source.

If God is omnipresent there is not real need for a bridge, as source energy is in all that exists. What is needed is the complete surrender to the part of yourself that is in complete alignment with source. This is your true self.

Let go of trying to control the outcome and the need to know how things will work out because you don't need anything. You are everything.

Breathe in new possibilities

Once you have melted into surrender, breathe deeply into the depth of your physical body so that you can open and connect to your spiritual body. When you are clinging to faith you are mostly in a contracted state. Your entire body has been trying to hold onto the old state of being that was connected to fear. When you have been trying to control your life with your ego (fear based thoughts) it is difficult to expand our breath which as a results limits your ability to receive what is really here for you. Your breath is life force and is the first step in opening to expansion. Breathe deeply into your physical body and feel yourself in a deeper state of surrender. As you breathe in, feel yourself welcome opportunities and gifts far greater than your mind could create for you. As you breathe out, feel your heart opening to all that exists.

Connect to the power of God within you

True faith is a knowing that you are not separate from God. Some people struggle with this concept because of the conditioning of religion that creates God as an idol to worship outside of themselves. God exists within you as much as God exists outside of you and in every living thing. There is no separation or a need to feel less special than the God that is worshiped. The God within you is a place of pure love that has no judgement or fear. It is the essence of your true self when the ego is dropped. The ego may be a necessary part of our "humanness" but connection to our true self, which is love, is the gift we can give to this world. It is a place in which miracles occur naturally and we are completely provided for. We are all so conditioned to need external influences to feel provision but the truest form of provision is drawn from the place of oneness with source. You can be aligned to this place within you when you drop the need to be controlled by your ego (fears) and give your power back to love.

Be quiet

How can you hear the truth of God with all the noise in your head? Life can be distracting, noisy and influence can come from all angles. Most people are often proclaiming that they don't know what to do but they aren't quiet enough to check in with themselves to hear the answer. It's vital that you spend moments in quietness so you can give yourself the chance to hear your own inner guidance system. Quietness can look like meditation or simply sitting still, taking a bath, going for a walk without your headphones, taking a few moments each day to breathe. Finding this time should be a priority as much as eating or brushing your teeth!

See the world through the eyes of God

Who is looking out at the world? When your ego self is looking at the world it can often be distorted with fear based projections, you also may see the mirror of your internal state. When you take a moment to connect to God's eyes you see the world through love and compassion. There is no need to get angry at the world or be fearful of what you see. When you see something that appears fearful than you can easily filter the truth of what you see.

A practice that I find impactful is to look at myself in the mirror and stare deeply into my eyes. At first this can be uncomfortable (and blurry!) but I always begin to see the God in me that sees myself through eyes of love. With practice seeing myself through God's eyes I can more easily switch to seeing the world through these eyes.

Open yourself to receive

The most important aspect of faith and one in which is often the most overlooked and difficult is the ability to receive all that God has for you. If you are broke and praying for $1000 to pay the rent, than you may say it's easy for you to receive $1000, but what if instead you received more than you could ever imagine. How would you feel? You may be quick to say "amazing", but there is a reason many lottery winners blow their money quickly or people hit "upper limits" and attract problems when life is going well. Often we have a limit to how much we can receive. We feel it's too much for us to take in due to conditioning or unworthiness. If you are in complete alignment with source there can not be "too much" or "upper limits". God does not have upper limits. You can have anything that you desire if you are in alignment with the energy of God.

How much of your desires are you willing to welcome in without fear?

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