How to live drug-free with chronic pain

Given the enormous pressures forced upon us today, it’s no wonder people are constantly seeking escape – more specifically pain relief – in any form they can get it. In a world of readily available prescription, over-the-counter and illicit drugs, there are no shortages of options for the curious – or struggling – consumer.

But what is at the root of this desire for pain relief? And given the opioid epidemic in our country, what is the non-drug answer to our terrible addictions? And ultimately, how do we really want to live our lives?

For me, the answer has been clear for a very long time. Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s, I was exposed to many of the prescriptive and illicit drugs that are now commonplace. My personal experience is real: I witnessed my oldest brother succumb to the ravages of long-term substance abuse as his body literally quit on him at the age of 41.

This loss -– as enormous as it was to my family and to me -– is not as rare as you might think. Unfortunately, most American families have been impacted by tragedies or share similar histories. If this is true, then how did my brother pollute his body, and why did he die? Do any of us learn from these losses? And ultimately, what can we do with this information?

The answers may appear obvious. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make my story any easier to share.

In reality, my brother suffered from emotional and physical pain that – in a society that had not yet begun turning the dialogue around holistic mental and physical wellness – was left to address his pains with drugs and alcohol. He was otherwise a highly educated and accomplished human being. But for all his education and intellect, he never pursued natural or alternative pain/coping solutions to the many quick-fix options that he could just swallow, smoke or snort.

Knowing him – and if he had known or been educated on his available options – he might have been willing to try a drug-free alternative.

Today, we live in the midst of emerging technologies that potentially make our days more active, engaging and stressful at the same time. Our desire for relief has never been greater. But because our society provides quick fixes to everything, there is still very little demand for people to push away from a pill and reach for safer, non-drug pain relief alternatives. Because for many, they believe this is how they will get relief as fast as possible.

That is soon about to change. We are, quite literally, at a turning point in human history.

For over 120 years, scientists have been working with electricity and magnetic currents to positively impact the human body. Sixty years of scientific clinical studies confirm that the advanced healing properties of energy from magnetic currents – otherwise known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) – are real.

The science and promise of PEMF provides hope for the average person suffering from pain and/or who is reliant on drugs as their only source of relief. Simply performing a rudimentary search on the injury histories of the highest paid athletes or most dependable civil servants in our space program or military who have been using this therapy for years, you’ll find this fact to be true.

PEMF technology is trusted and utilized by everyone from NASA to your favorite college sports teams. It is a non-invasive, high quality, targeted and a 100% drug free pain-relief solution for the management of pain, among other health benefits. And if a good thing could get any better, it has no known adverse events associated with its use.

The current dialogue surrounding the “epidemic” of opioid abuse is disheartening because no one is promoting a non-opioid solution. But PEMF is our answer.

Offered this solution 15 years ago, I might not have lost my big brother. But now I sing it out loud: a non-drug pain-relief option is here! And it’s got just four little letters: P-E-M-F.

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