5 Easy Steps That Will Help You Live A Full And Meaningful Life

Vlogger Martin Sosa shares tips on how you can remain mindful.

Are you living the life you always dreamed of?

However you might answer that question, consider this: Each day offers us a fresh opportunity to discover the fullness of life and to follow our bliss.

HuffPost Religion teamed up with vlogger Martin Sosa for some tips on how to live a full and meaningful life. Sosa, 25, is the personality behind PeakYourMind, a YouTube channel that's part of the Outspeak network.

"We've all had moments when we're really awakened to life," Sosa said in the video.

For him, one of those moments arrived when he was 16 years old and had to get screened for cancer. He spent a week waiting for the results, and in that time he said realized that all the "petty stuff" in life didn't matter. "As cheesy as it sounds, love was the only thing that mattered," Sosa said.

We will all have experiences at some point that shake us to the core and make us reevaluate our lives. But day to day, Sosa suggests there are things we can do to remain mindful of our life's direction.

Sosa offers five ways to live fully, ranging from heeding the call of adventure to collecting memories over things.

"Don't hold back love," Sosa offers as his first tip. Challenge yourself, he says, and love "as big and as much as you possibly can."

Watch the video above to hear Sosa's five tips on how to live life fully.

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