How to Live Your Purpose in 30 Seconds

The next time you catch a case of the purpose blues, just remember that you'll find the greatest success and purpose when you let go of the need for perfect answers and instead start actively living into the space of a few good questions.
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Have you heard the news? We're in a
. Millions of people are feeling:
  • Burnt-out,
  • Off-course,
  • Like their potential is withering away unused,
  • And/or downright confused ("What's my unique place in the world!?")

Maybe you're one of them. (Don't worry. We won't tell your boss or customers.)

Lord knows you could spend an entire lifetime -- and your entire bank account -- bingeing on books, courses, and purpose-centered programs, but what if living your life's purpose is actually simpler than you ever thought?

Here are three questions that many of my coaching clients have used to align with their highest purpose immediately.


Question 1. What wants (or needs) to grow in me?

Ever notice how people who seem to be living their genius are nearly always stretching out of their comfort zones, learning, and pursuing new opportunities?

Avoiding growth is a pretty sure path to depression, frustration, and/or that yucky sense of "blah" settling in life but (good news!) embracing opportunities to grow is one of the quickest tricks to bringing out your most alive and juicy life path.

Consider this for a moment: what are you most afraid of, avoiding, and/or rationalizing away? Where are you hiding from life? Settling or tolerating? Selling yourself short? Playing small? Start by committing to do one thing that scares you (assuming it's safe, healthy, and well thought-out) and watch the spark of your purpose grow.


Question 2. "How can I contribute something of value to others?"

The second biggest secret to uncovering purpose in any business or career is to remember that it's not just about you. Wowee, is that ever a big one! Try to consider that thought before your next sales meeting or interview and notice how much easier and fulfilling the work becomes. Your purpose is about offering value to other people -- not convincing them you're good enough. (And we wonder why we're all so unfulfilled at work!?)

While having a world-changing career can bring all kinds of warm fuzzies, giving doesn't always have to be grand. You can activate a sense of purpose in seconds via something as simple as holding open a door, smiling at a stranger, and/or telling someone you appreciate them.

Why not step into another's shoes today? Whether it's your customer, client, employer, loved one, or even a stranger, genuinely ask yourself, "what is this person needing and how can I be of service?" Starting there will instantly connect you to a higher calling and with practice, you will cultivate a rich sense of meaning in your life.

If you are looking to launch a world-changing career or business, I invite you to consider some in-depth reflection on questions like, "What are some of the easiest, most enjoyable, most effective ways for me to give to others?" or, "What types of people do I want to serve next?"

No matter how you do it, when your aim is to grow and give you really can't fail or "get your purpose wrong." Start giving your way there and don't be surprised if your life blooms with purpose.


Question 3. "How can I express more of who I am?"

It's pretty common to hear people who love their work proclaim, "I was born to do this!" with a strong emphasis on "using their natural talents" and/or "living their passions." In folks who report to be living their purpose, passion and genius, there is almost always this feeling of expressing who they are.

Which is great news! The neat thing about self-expression is that you can be you anywhere. Many of us think we need perfect professional conditions to live our purpose but I personally believe you can start living your purpose at almost any job or business -- simply by growing, contributing, and putting your unique heart and soul into all that you do, on and off the clock.

Isn't your purpose to be You? You are your greatest gift, your genius, your most unique selling proposition -- the thing that the world needs most. You will find that there are many, many ways you could and likely will express You in this lifetime but you can always start expressing who you are exactly where you're at today.

Try asking "what makes me unique?" and find a way to express a little more of that You-ness today in your work.

Don't know who you are? Start by releasing anything you're not. What have you outgrown? Who do you want to be moving forward? Letting go of who you are not is one of the fastest routes to who you are.

The next time you catch a case of the purpose blues, just remember that you'll find the greatest success and purpose when you let go of the need for perfect answers and instead start actively living into the space of a few good questions:

  • "Where can I grow?"
  • "What can I contribute?" and
  • "How can I express who I am?"

Try holding one question per day, and keep a log of the answers and opportunities you find. If you're like most of my clients, you'll likely discover that your purpose was right before your eyes all along.

Stephanie Seibel is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who specializes in helping purpose-driven people build businesses and careers. To request a free discovery session (her treat!), reach out at or you can follow her work on Twitter @RedThreadCoach