A Guide To Loading Basically Every Type Of Dishwasher That Exists

Stop doing it wrong.

Remember in grade school when the teachers repeatedly told us to read directions? Well, they were onto something. Not only did teaching us that simple, yet invaluable skill mean they didn't have to answer the same question over and over again, but they were also preparing us for the rest of our lives.

It turns out reading the directions are helpful in everyday applications: LIKE LOADING THE DISHWASHER.


If you are one of the fortunate ones in life to own a dishwasher, you should know that it comes with a manual. That manual is filled with all kinds of information, from what the buttons do to how to clean it to how to best load the machine (because there is a best way). This last bit is often times explained with a nifty little diagram like the one pictured above which means you don't even have to read.

If you don't have your dishwasher's manual (let's be honest, you probably threw it out), you can probably find it online. Or Joe Clark's Flickr album might have it for you. Like this one, for those with a Fisher & Paykel. (BTW, that manual also includes how not to load).

Or this one, for all of you with a GE dishwasher.

Do you see how much they can fit in there? You guys, this is a game changer.

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