How to Look Like a Celebrity? Advice From the Pros

Perhaps not everyone has the financial means to "look like a celebrity", so to speak. But, you can always take full advantage of the advice those who work their magic on the celebs have to offer. These are my go to guys.
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As someone who spends a lot of time in front of the camera, I know firsthand the pressures of wanting to look your best. It's hard and it requires a little help. Sometimes, a lot. Doubting? Pick your favorite celebrity and then Google a photo of them from their early days. From purely a beauty standpoint, they always look a whole lot better after some team got behind them and fixed them up. Now, perhaps not everyone has the financial means to "look like a celebrity", so to speak. But, you can always take full advantage of the advice those who work their magic on the celebs have to offer. These are my go to guys.


First things first, start with good skin. Natural is always best, that is an absolute. Plant based products, lots of water, organic food and regular exercise. Got it.

But, most people after a certain age (35 is about right) want a little extra something.
Dr. Berdy of Smoothmed on Manhattan's east side, caters to those who covet line less faces and fuller mouths. One day while I sat in front of the low key Doc Berdy, I told him I wouldn't mind a fuller upper lip, but I definitely did NOT want to look like a walrus. Please God, don't make me look like some creepy walrus! He looked at me very calmly and said, "They ask for that, Courtney. They want to look like that." Whoa. Really?

Dr. Berdy's best advice: go light at first, then continue if you want deeper results. Don't be afraid of looking like a weirdo. Most injectables wear off in 3-9 months, if that makes you feel any better.


A nice set of teeth change your face. Duh, I know that! Or I thought I did. I never realized a had a "narrow" set of teeth. A while back, the dentists at New York Center For Cosmetic Dentistry told me although I had a pretty smile, I had some negative space that could easily be taken care of by bonding some of my upper teeth. By "building them out", Dr. Golub-Evans told me I could have a wider smile that would look much better on camera. "You know, a movie star smile." It wasn't painful at all and it only required a few visits and you know what, I got that smile I was looking for. It doesn't come cheap, but it really changes your face dramatically. Dr. Golub-Evans and Dr. Emanuel Layliev are literally the Dentists To The Stars". Their patient roster reads like an Hollywood guest list. Everyone from Tom Brady to Hugh Jackman trust their pearly whites to these two artists/dentists. And so do I.

Dr. Golub-Evans and Dr. Layliev's Advice: If you have teeth pulled in areas of your mouth nobody can see, they will still affect your smile. By having teeth pulled and not replacing them, your cheeks don't have the skeletal support they need, giving you a gaunt (read: older) look. Genius and I never thought of that!


Ever wonder how celebs always have full, shiny hair? Most of that is extensions, that's a fact. When it's not extensions, there is usually an uber-fabulous gay hairdresser behind those luscious locks. I checked in on my friend, Ricardo Rojas on Madison Avenue He's done the hair of Donatella Versace and Mariah Carey and knows a thing or two about looking good. He focuses on the importance of conditioning your hair and cutting it regularly even if it's just a half inch. He also stresses the importance of staying true to a color that works for you. When I said I wanted to go blonder, he explained to me I was much better off in a chestnut color that would highlight my eyes. When I told him I wanted extensions he said, "Why darling? You're fabulous. Just use the clip ins!".

I f-ing love him.

Ricardo's Advice: Use good products and good brushes! He just launched a whole line of amazing brushes during fashion week, you should check them out.

Plastic Surgery

One of the most sought after plastic surgeons on the east coast, is Dr. Ary Krau in Miami. You may remember him from the show, "Miami Slice" that aired a few years back. While he does all kinds of procedures from facelifts to lipo, he's definitely known as The Boob Guy from Bal Harbour to The Hamptons. While a lot of other docs go for the Tits-In-Your-Chin look, Dr. Krau is known for a more natural look. He's worked on everyone from Latin superstars to Russian socialites. His look is more natural and I think, much prettier than a lot of the bizarro boob jobs I've seen. Although he's very popular, Dr. Krau has this very affable Jewish-Guy-From-Brooklyn demeanor that makes you feel at ease right away.

Dr. Krau's Advice: Don't go to the surgeon with the lowest bid. Overseas docs who have become more popular in recent years are not required to carry the same malpractice insurance as doctors here. Also, if they botch your surgery, you have no recourse. What does that mean? They're less careful. Hmm.

It is undeniably true our society often looks to celebrities for beauty and fashion direction. This is the case, whether you agree or not. Most women I know like to look good and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. We all like to feel beautiful. I have never thought that to be shallow or boring or dumb. No matter what you look like, those traits will become very apparent as soon as you open your mouth. No doctor can make you prettier on the inside, no miracle drug can make you smarter or kinder or more interesting.

For that, you're all on your own, honey.


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