How to Lose Weight with Ease?

How to lose weight with ease?

Today’s topic is for you if you’re someone who is unsuccessful at weight loss. Or maybe you have a hard time keeping the weight off. Or you want to lose weight and don’t know where to start, and you don’t want to waste your time with a quick-fix program you already know won’t work for you long-term.

Most people who want to lose weight start with dieting and exercising, which is necessary not only for weight loss but to be healthy and fit. Taking only those steps doesn’t work for most of you, especially when you use all your willpower to get through every single day to stay on track. Eventually, your willpower burns out, and the old habits come back, only to get back to the same place you started from, feeling guilty, bad, or even like a failure.

So, what’s the real solution?

We, like it or not, created the problem. And ONLY when we take full responsibility for it, can we shift and create something different. There are serious choices and decisions we had to make to be here. And finding out why we made those choices and shifting our mindset is the secret to achieving permanent weight loss.

So why did we make those choices?

Every single thing that happened to us in the past, we judged. Those judgments changed the way we relate to ourselves, the way we relate to the world. From that moment on, we saw everything through this filter and the things that happened either supported our established judgments or shaped them in some way.

Let me give you an example. When I was a child, I had a teacher who bullied me. Because he was the authority and the adult, I thought he was right. I subconsciously created an image of myself as a bad girl and that’s why he was bullying me. This was one of the reasons why I became a people pleaser. I tried to prove I wasn’t bad to everyone. I became an overachiever and giver while giving myself up.

As you can imagine, this caused conflict and pain in my life until I discovered the root of my suffering and could overcome it. This is exactly what happens to all of us.

If you want to lose weight, start digging deeper and understand how you relate to yourself, how you relate to your life, and how you relate to your body? Our beliefs become thoughts and emotion, and our thoughts and feelings point us back to our beliefs. This is how we can unravel our secrets to weight loss, one belief system at a time.

Our physical bodies reflect our mental conditioning and emotional blueprint. To face the real problem, not just the losing weight one, we need to shift to the point in our lives when we created the problem.

Not taking care of our bodies or health is the result of our beliefs. So, start thinking differently! Reflect on how you relate to yourself or your physical body, your life, and your health? What do all these mean to you?

With awareness, it’s easy to shift our lives. Our struggle is in not knowing or not understanding what’s going on. It will clear your path, and your weight loss journey becomes more of a breeze than a dreaded chore. I’m not going to lie to you; this takes work, dedication, discipline. It takes courage to break through the blocks, but life becomes easier after you do it.

In my next videos, I will talk more about how to ease yourself into weight loss, how to choose your approach to make it work, and how to release the stumbling blocks that hold you back? If you don’t want to miss the next videos, sign up for the newsletter.

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