'How To Love' On LA Subway: The Love Project Flash Mobs Lil Wayne Song (VIDEO)

In a city that's not used to interacting through public transportation, a motley crew of love-seekers belted out Lil Wayne's "How to Love" on Los Angeles's Red Line subway this month.

Recorded in the video above, the flash mob was organized by The Love Project, a grassroots effort to better understand love. Launched by Muse Communications, a multicultural marketing company, earlier this month, The Love Project asks questions such as "What the hell is love, anyway?," "What is one mistake men continue to make when it comes to love?" and "Is it possible to NOT love a family member or sibling?"

The Love Project's interactive website is made up of questions you can ask, answer or vote on. Muse videographers then take to the streets and ask individuals questions about relationships, marriage, sex, heartbreak and "how to love."

Some of the more moving videos include a tearful woman whose father had died a month before who said, "I can't even begin to describe how much love there was in the hospital room when he died… overwhelming love"; a young man who admits he used to "lie for love," such as telling women he could "dunk" (basketballs); and a woman who's never been pregnant but discusses her love for the son who is a product of the affair her husband had while they were married.

It is an open, honest and running research project on love. Some share personal stories and others share broader observations. One man says he sees a paradigm shift from decades past when "Mad Men" men were stoic, and women were falling at their feet, desperate to get married. Now, he says, "Men are like, 'I want a family. I want to be sweet and loving.' And women are like, 'Aaah.. Give me a little more space.'"

As explained in the website launch press release, the videos can be watched randomly or users can create their own playlist of their favorite video answers. Users can also film and upload their own stories.

Whatever love is, our wish for 2012 is more of it in LA public transportation, with more subway YouTube performances like this one. Spread the word (and love).

Watch how Lil Wayne's official music video depicts "How To Love":