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How to Make a Great First Impression

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Six strategies for making a better first impression:

1. Stop acting and be your best self:

"Be yourself" is the best all-time phrase in personal development. However, you can plus that by being your best self. During your next networking or social situation, just show up with the intention of being fully authentic and alive. Have faith that showing the world who you are will always result in good things, because indeed it does.

2. Don't network if you don't want to do:

Everyone thinks you have to be extraverted to succeed, but it's not true. If you like being introverted and you don't want to join the party and go out and network, then don't feel you have to. You can compensate by arranging smaller gatherings or lunches. However, if you feel your growth or greatness require you to get a little uncomfortable and go out and meet lots of people, then do it. Learning to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations is part of life mastery.

3. Have fun:

Nothing makes a better first impression than you choosing to have real, authentic fun. Bring the joy! Have the intention to absolutely appreciate and enjoy every situation you enter. Nothing is more attractive than a person who is authentic and alive with joy.

4. Be present:

Whatever level of presence you have in your current relationships is probably the same level of presence you're bringing to social situations. To have a greater impact in people's lives, you have to "level-up" and be more present with them. Challenge yourself to truly listen and engage with others.

5. Be interested in others:

Ultimately, a first "impression" is about the other person, not you. Demonstrate interest in others by asking them questions you genuinely care about. By doing this you learn about the other person and you can start to praise them to others and connect them with others. Become their champion and connector and you win their hearts.

6. Leave things better than how you find them:

How you exit is more important than first impressions because people remember how you leave them feeling more than how you met. Ask yourself, "How can I leave this conversation or context more positive than how I found it?" If you leave people feeling validated, cared for and praised, then you will leave a lasting impression (and legacy).

Try these strategies in your social world and you will start to experience what we call The Charged Life!

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