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13 GIFs That Prove Sandwiches Are Truly Beautiful

Sandwiches have the potential to be the highlight of your day, so it's essential that they're prepared in the best possible way.

Whether that means getting the right dairy-to-bread ratio for a bomb grilled cheese, or throwing fries into a pita, there are such a variety of ways to build the perfect sandwich.

Get inspired for tomorrow's breakfast, lunch or dinner with GIFs that prove sandwiches are truly beautiful.

1. Bánh mì

2. Grilled Cheese

3. Filet-O-Fish 'N' Chipwich

4. Vegan Sliders with Pretzel Buns

5. PB & J

6. Grilled Eggplant and Pesto

7. Pulled Pork

8. Speculoos Clubhouse Sandwich

9. Chicken and Avocado Sandwich with Bacon

10. Egg and Turkey

11. French Toast Sandwich

12. Avocado and Hummus Pita

13. The Most Ridiculous Burger in the World*

*Okay, we made that name up.

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