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How to Make a Spring Garden Wreath

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by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than to make this unique and elegant garden wreath. To begin, simply gather nature's gifts of the season and start creating!

With the exception of the plants, I found all my project ingredients at an A.C. Moore craft store.

You'll need:
  • A wreath--an inexpensive and sturdy grapevine wreath will do just fine
  • Small plants of your choice--I'm using a tiny fern and two forget-me-not flower plants
  • Sheet moss
  • Green florist wire
Here's how you do it:
  1. Expand the wreath by pulling apart the vines to create a nest for the plants.
  2. Remove the plants from their pots and gently remove most of the soil from the root ball. Not to worry, these little guys will survive just fine.
  3. With your hands, create a small ball at the base of the plant by molding the roots and the remaining soil.
  4. Cover the root ball with sheet moss and tie it securely with florist wire and insert into your wreath.
  5. You're done!

It's so simple and to keep your creation fresh, simply water when the moss surrounding the root base is dry to the touch.

Happy spring and happy crafting!

Mark Kintzel comes from a long line of crafters, artists, musicians, and farm folk. He first came under the magic spell of flowers while wandering through meadows near his grandparents' farm in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, as a boy. His appreciation for creativity and flowers grew throughout the years, and he now specializes in event planning and styling, garden design, and organic floral arrangements for just about any occasion. See more at

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