How To Make A Stovetop Smoker At Home (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Easiest Stovetop Smoker Ever

You don't need a fancy and pricey outdoor smoker to get amazingly flavored meat that tastes like it's been smoked for half a day. With just four things (aluminum foil, a steamer basket, a large pot and wood chips) you can create a stovetop version of a smoker that will give you flavorful food on the cheap. It doesn't matter if you're an apartment dweller or just don't have the wherewithal to buy a smoker for your home. If you thought you could never have the opportunity to smoke food yourself, watch this video -- it will turn you into a believer.

Saveur's executive editor Dana Bowen shows how to rig an indoor smoker MacGyver-style (minus the ticking time bomb), leading you through the easy steps on how to smoke chicken, fish and meat. And the best part is, most of us already have the items we need for smoking food in our own kitchens, except for the wood chips -- but that's easy to find online. Dana recommends Cameron's smoking chips -- make sure to buy the indoor smoking chips.

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