How to Make a Video Go Viral

Last week I made a little video. I wanted it to go viral. YouTube says that 100 hours of video are uploaded to their site every minute. So what are the chances of my video, or your video, actually going viral? Slim to none. But this is a good news blog, you say. And the good news is that if we make videos which really make people smile and laugh and feel, we are putting a little bit more sunshine in the world for the people who actually do stumble across our videos.

Confession: I don't know how to make a video go viral. As a writer, producer, event-planner and social media strategist, all of my clients expect me to work magic. I don't want to work magic on my movies though. I want them to move people enough to click that little "like" button and to share the video with others they think will enjoy it. But I can't stop going to my latest video on Vimeo to see the stats. Has it reached its tipping point and exploded? Not yet. But maybe, at least, it will make you smile.

One Direction NEEDS to see this! from imba means sing on Vimeo.

Video courtesy Imba Means Sing, my independent documentary feature film through the eyes of the Grammy-nominated African Children's Choir.

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