You Can Make Your Own Brad Pitt Film If You'd Just Watch This

You Can Make Your Own Brad PItt Film If You'd Just Watch This

Brad Pitt wasn't nominated for an Oscar Thursday. But maybe if someone had seen CinemaSins' "How to Make A Brad Pitt Film In 4 Minutes Or Less," things might have been different.

Apparently all the hunky actor needs is an oral fixation, inappropriate laughter and a few other staples to propel a movie. Got that, aspiring directors of Brad Pitt? Or filmmakers who aspire to make a Brad Pitt movie without Brad Pitt?

Pitt won his first Academy Award last year for producing "12 Years A Slave," but he's still looking for his first acting statuette.

Follow the cheeky guide above and maybe you'll be the one to lead Pitt to Oscar glory.

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