How To Make A Champagne Tower And Be A New Year's Eve Hero


Nothing says 1980s glitz, glam and class like a Champagne tower. And while we might be ringing in the year 2016, we suggest bringing back this party trick because, well, it's awesome. Look:

If you think Champagne towers are best left in the hands of old-school, 4-star hotels, we assure you this is not true. Anyone can make a champagne tower, and yes, that means you too. Basically, all you need are plastic Champagne coupes (it's just easier than dealing with glass), a steady hand and Champagne. One bottle of Champagne fills about six glasses -- be sure you have enough to fill your tower.

Then, you just need to follow instructions. Howcast shows us how to build one using 55 coupes (if you use this model you'll need about 10 bottles of Champagne). This is the general structure:


The bottom tower uses 25 coupes laid out in five rows of five. You'll want to be sure that they're lined up as straight as you can, and as close to each other as possible. (We all learned this skill in grade school -- though probably not for this purpose.) Watch:


The next step is the part that makes people a little nervous. You're going to want to stack the second tier on top of the first. For the second tier you'll use 16 coupes. They get placed on top of the first coupes where four glasses come together in a diamond shape. Like so:


Then just continue with the same idea. Once you place 16 coupes on the second tier, start the third tier. This will take less time since it's only nine coupes. The fourth tier is made up of four coupes; and the top tier is made up of just one. Easy.


Now for the moment of truth. Pop open your bottle of bubbly and start filling the first glass. Once it starts to overflow, delight in how it slowly trickles down to fill all the glasses below it. Hand out the glasses starting from the top and working your way down to the last tier. (Don't attempt to show off any Jenga moves here.)


Bravo! You are now a NYE hero. Toast your new skillz and the new year with all your guests.

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