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How To Make Fast Food Low-Carb

Sometimes there are occasions where you don't have many options available. You are out with friends or it's getting late. These simple ideas can turn a disaster meal into a healthier one.
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So you want to go low-carb but are afraid you'll be missing out on your favorite fast food, right? Well fear not, here are my top low-carb hacks for fast food and some of my favorite low-carb fast food recipes I've found.

Top Tips On Eating Out, Low-Carb Style


Before you head out, remember these simple swaps that can make your meal healthier and lower in carbs. You can enjoy eating out and you certainly don't have to go without.

Sometimes there are occasions where you don't have many options available. You are out with friends or it's getting late. These simple ideas can turn a disaster meal into a healthier one.

1. Go bun-less and ditch the fries. Super easy, order a burger and ask for no bun. Many burger joints these days will allow you to ask for no fries and extra salad. Some will serve the burger wrapped in lettuce instead of the bread bun. All of a sudden you are eating more veggies and less carbs -- a double win.

2. Chicken caesar salads Kindly ask them to leave out the croutons but add extra salad or extra chicken. Just check the sauces aren't crammed with sugar.

3. Steak with veggie sides A beautiful steak pan fried with a huge side salad or steamed vegetables to fill you up. Ditch the sauces as some may have more sugar than chocolate sauce -- yikes! Add blue cheese on your steak, olive oil on your salad, or tasty butter on your cooked vegetables. Now what's not to love about that?

4. Kebabs These can be extremely low in carbs if you ask for extra salad and eat the meat and salad out of the bread wrap with a fork. Again, avoid the sauces.

5. Sandwich or Salad Bars Load em up with salad, protein and healthy oils such as avocado, cheese and olive oil, just don't eat the bread. Genius. Anything that is based on fresh ingredients, good meat and fresh vegetables is heading you in the right direction.

If you are at home and have the time, here are my pick of the best recipes showing you how to make fast food low-carb.

Low-Carb Fast Food Recipes

Mini Pepper Nachos - who says nachos need to be made with tortilla chips?

Bun-less Burgers -- Paleo, bun-less, bread-free, call it what you will but these are super simple to prepare and super delicious to eat.


Turnip French Fries -- Forget carby potatoes, here comes a low-carb, high-taste alternative to starchy french fries


Zero Carb Chili Waffles -- Chili can dive on in and sink your teeth into. These are just incredible.


Keto McMuffin -- are you craving your egg muffin for a quick breakfast? Take a look at this instead.


Grain-Free Chicken Drumsticks -- you can have the old secret recipe of mine, made without breadcrumbs and baked to perfection.


Sweet Fast Food Recipes --

Chocolate Iced Donuts -- Delicious chocolate iced donuts don't have to be forbidden treats!


Sugar Free Pumpkin Bread -- Who needs Starbucks' carby Pumpkin Bread when you can have a sugar-free option instead.


Mini Vanilla Bean Scones -- Move over, Starbucks. There's a new, healthier kid in town.


Leave a comment with your best fast food hack or what do you order when eating out that is low-carb and fresh?

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