How To Start A Fire Using Magnifying Glass Made Of Ice (VIDEO)

WATCH: Making Fire With Magnifying Glass Made Of Ice

We know you miss watching Survivorman (and Bear Grylls is just not cutting it for you), so here's a video to reawaken your buried survival instincts. Because, well, you never know when you might actually need them.

The video shows a guy fashioning a lens from lake ice and using it to start a fire. Skeptical? Making fire from ice may be easier than you think. If you've ever melted green plastic army men with a magnifying glass, you've essentially done the same thing. According to internet survivor gurus, all it takes is a lens, sunlight, some dry tinder and... voila! You've got yourself a fire.

Let's hope you never become stranded in the woods in freezing weather. But if you do, a fire lens may just save your life. Keep these steps in mind while making your natural fire-starter.

  • Find clear ice. This means ice with little trapped air. The clearer the ice, the better the lens.
  • Shape the ice into a disk so that it's thick in the middle and narrow at the edges.
  • Polish the lens. After you get the rough shape of a lens, use the heat from your hands to give it a smooth surface.
  • Start the fire. Angle your ice lens towards the sun. Focus the light on your tinder, and yell, "Look what I have created!"

What if you become stranded near a vending machine? No worries. You can just as easily make fire out of a soda can and a chocolate bar.

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