The Crucial Step That'll Help You Make The Fluffiest Pancakes

No more rubbery breakfasts.
Marie Fields

Breakfast deserves greatness. It’s the meal that determines how the rest of our day is going to pan out, so it’d better be good. One way to make that happen is to take the time to whip up a batch of pancakes. And not just any pancakes, but the fluffiest pancakes that have ever graced your griddle.

To make delightfully fluffy pancakes, there is one very simple step you must take. (We know it’s hard to add extra steps in the morning before you’ve gotten any food in your belly for fuel, but trust us, it is absolutely worth the sacrifice.)

Separate the eggs and whisk those whites. This is everything.

Even if some of your favorite pancake recipes allow you to just mix the eggs in with the other liquid ingredients, don’t do it. Take the couple of extra minutes and get those egg whites light and fluffy. Fluffy egg whites means fluffy pancakes because they add air into the batter. The egg yolks, however, can be mixed in with the other liquids as usual. Then just carefully fold the whipped whites into the batter.

One more important step you can take ― and this one is easy ― is to make sure you have the right balance of baking soda to baking powder. Both products help the pancake batter rise. However, if add too little the pancakes won’t rise enough, and if you add too much the pancakes may burn, have a chemical taste and overreact, leaving you with a flat pancake.

The perfect combo, according to Serious Eats’ J. Kenji López-Alt, is to a 2:1 ratio of baking powder to baking soda. For his perfect pancake recipe, he uses 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon baking power and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. (Get the full recipe over here.)

While many trusted recipes use a 1:1 ratio ― such as Bon Appetit’s and the NYTimes’ ― this guy has done a lot of work on the science of how to get the perfect pancake recipe, so he’s trustworthy of your morning stack.

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