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How To Make Your Own Glue From Milk

Who knew?

Whether you’re fixing things around the house or helping your children with school projects, chances are you use glue from time to time to make sure everything is held together. If you find yourself without this household staple and you’re in need of some serious adhesive, there’s no need to worry. Science-Sparks found a really easy way to make glue using milk.

First, heat one and half cups of milk. Once it’s warm combine it with three teaspoons of white vinegar. Then, strain the mixture and form the solid pieces into a ball. Next, place it back into the pan with a tablespoon of baking soda and a little water and heat until it starts to bubble. And voila -- you have glue.

This is a great experiment to try with the kids, plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s all natural and really works. And since it’s made with things you already have in the house, it’s relatively free.

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