You'll Never Guess Wolfgang Puck's Surprise Gravy Ingredient

He's riding the gravy train with sweet potato wheels.

How do you make your gravy as groovy as one of the world's greatest chefs'?

In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Wolfgang Puck dished the dirt on his newfound trick: turkey juice, sweet potatoes and a blender. That's it.

"I cook my turkey on a bed of sweet potatoes," he said. "I only cook the turkey in 55 minutes." Then, with some of the juice from the turkey, he throws a few of those cooked sweet potatoes into a blender and mixes them all up.

"It looks so much better, because of the color of sweet potatoes. It looks beautiful. It has a little sweetness to it. It doesn't taste floury. There's no lumps in it."

Using vegetables as a thickener instead of flour is a great way to make gluten-free guests feel right at home at your dinner table, too.

See how he does it in the video above.

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