How To Turn Your Home Into A Theater During A Blizzard

Netflix and chill when it's chilly.

Let's face it. When the snow's blowing hard, you're not going to go outside. So for this roundup (and we're assuming that you already have emergency provisions such as a cell phone, batteries, bottled water, flash lights and other things the CDC recommends), we pulled together some not-so-obvious necessities that will help get you through a blizzard-filled weekend stuck indoors.

Basically: Turn your experience into a cozy, at-home movie theater. Here's how.

DIY Movie Theater:
Make something with your hands -- in this case, a movie projector made out of a shoebox, magnifying glass and your smartphone -- and reward yourself by watching a movie afterward. If you're not feeling very motivated, Celluon's PicoPro ($349, Amazon) is a very sharp, easy to use handheld laser projector.
Hang A White Sheet:
7000 via Getty Images
Unless your walls are white, you'll need to hang a white sheet to act as the movie screen.
Piles Of Pillows:
And throw down all the pillows in the house.
Stovetop Popcorn:
Uncommon Goods
This stovetop popper ($39.99, Uncommon Goods) makes six quarts of popped corn (24 cups when popped), plenty to last while you binge watch everything that was ever made, starting with The X-Files.
Nitro Beer:
Samuel Adams
Since you're (probably) not going to hit the bar, why not bring the bar to you? Sort of. In the form of canned beer. Samuel Adam's new line of Nitro beers are the latest to use nitrogen in the carbonation rather than CO2, giving it a very soft and smooth head (just like it came out of the tap). We think their coffee stout is the best for a long, cold day inside.
Yes, A Candle:
Here's a way to make your room cozier: A candle that's named "Whiskey River." As menswear brands move into the home, more men are bringing candles into the situation (tip: If you really like the way it smells, you can rub the soy-based candles on your wrist and use it as a fragrance, and the glass the candle comes in has a useful afterlife as a rocks glass for sipping whiskey when the candle's gone). While men might start using more candles around the house, let's just hope we never call them "mandles."

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