The Key To Making Friends Is The Opposite Of What You'd Think

Aww, this'll make you want to hug your BFF.

In all stages of life, we rely on achievements and status in an effort to fit in: Kids show off a shiny new toy, teens beg their parent for the "cool" jeans everyone's wearing, and adults alike brag about promotions and personal accomplishments.

But as explained in The School of Life's video above, we probably don't need to go through all of that fuss to make lasting connections with the people around us. Instead, to make friends, we should work to show others our true selves and be vulnerable.

Our awkward traits and feelings are exactly what make us human, and what make others able to connect with us. We can only get close to the right people by revealing things that might not do well in the hands of the wrong people. Isn't that kind of a relief, in a sense? Learn more in the video above.

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