How To Make School Mornings Easier: Readers' Tips For Getting Kids Out The Door Without Stress

A cute young girl going to school
A cute young girl going to school

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School mornings are a scramble, and that's a good day.

This week our Stress-Less Parenting Club has been focusing on ways to make getting everyone out the door a little easier. Workshop leaders Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh, the co-authors Minimalist Parenting, offered their best strategies, and we challenged you to integrate their tips into your routines.

Then, on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments section, you offered more of your own excellent advice for de-stressing school mornings. Check out the slideshow below for some of the tricks we'll be trying. We'd love to hear more so please continue to post your advice in the comments or tweet us at @HuffPostParents with #stresslessmornings!

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