How to Make Organic Bratwurst "Burgers"

When I was in Germany recently, I tried the local Nuremburg sausages, which are a skinny little bratwurst that taste so good. Now, I can get "bratwurst" anywhere around here at home, but would I actually eat it? Hell, no! Not unless it was organic! So that means I have to make my own. But I'm a little bit of a lazy sausage maker, in that I am not really ready to deal with the whole concept of sausage casings--either animal or vegetable. So what I did was make the recipe and then form them into patties, which were good like burgers. I also made a bratwurst and pasta dinner--which was totally yum. (I added whole wheat pasta, green peppers, fennel, parsley, and a bit of Romano cheese--kind of like a German-Italian hookup).

It took me a while to figure out how to use my meat grinder. But now that I have, I think I will use it a lot. It's manual, and easy to set up and to clean. I got my meat grinder from Who knew!

Just make sure the meat is cooked all the way through, since it is pork. And the secret to Nuremburg brats, I found out, is marjoram.



2 pounds ground pork (I used a shoulder cut)

½ pound ground smoked bacon OR 1 Tablespoon liquid smoke

2 teaspoons salt

1 Tablespoon ground white pepper

2 Tablespoons marjoram


1. Grind the pork and the bacon (I used liquid smoke and it worked fine--didn't have bacon at the time).

2. Add the spices.

3. Mix! And fry it up in a pan with olive oil.

This makes either 8 burgers or a nice big pasta dinner.

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