How to Make Pizza Rolls | Homemade Pizza Pockets

How to Make Pizza Rolls | Homemade Pizza Pockets
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Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are a delicious alternative to bread and can be enjoyed at any time of the day with your favourite pizza toppings! Whip up these mini pizza sensations and you will be hooked!

Watch video recipe:

250g fresh pizza dough
Handful flour
¾ cup fresh tomato sauce
Salt and Pepper
Asiago cheese
Fior di latte mozzarella cheese
Ham or prosciutto
Fresh basil leaves
Extra virgin olive oil

1 x baking tray
1 x wooden board to spread the pizza
1 x sharp knife
1 x small mixing bowl
Baking paper

1. To make your pizza rolls, you must first knead out fresh pizza dough.
2. My recipe for pizza dough can be found here
3. Prepare your board for the pizza rolls by throwing some plan flour over the top and spreading it out.
4. Get approx. 250g fresh pizza dough and place it on top.
5. Using the tips of your fingers, press down on the dough, turning it and spreading it until it begins to stretch out into a circle.
6. To make the pizza rolls, first make the dough much thinner and smoother by pressing down on the board using a rolling pin.
7. Pour the tomato sauce into a small mixing bowl and add a pinch of salt, pepper and oregano. Mix it well so the sauce is seasoned.
8. Add 3-4 tablespoons of sauce to the top of the pizza base and spread it over the top using the back of a spoon.
9. Once it is spread evenly, add the Asiago Cheese, mozzarella, ham/prosciutto and fresh basil leaves.
10. Drizzle a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on top.

Vincenzo's Plate Tip: Don't use too many ingredients on top or else the rolls will collapse and lose their shape.

11. Gently roll the pizza, folding the ingredients underneath each layer, until you end up with a long shape. Carefully close the edges together so nothing is falling out.
12. To make the pizza scrolls, get a sharp knife and slice individual portions, approx. 2cm thick.
13. Prepare a baking tray by lining it with a sheet of baking paper on top.
14. Place your pizza scrolls on top, with the centre facing up.
15. Cook these in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese begins to turn golden.

How to serve:
1. Enjoy accompanied by an aperitivo like a delicious Aperol Spritz or as a side dish to your main meal.
2. You can use any ingredient you like on top - just choose your favourite pizza topping and roll!

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo's Plate...Enjoy!

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