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Here's How To Make The Most Of Your Commute

And be happier because of it.
07/22/2016 07:00am ET | Updated July 22, 2016

Commuting is part of your day, whether you like it or not.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 minute walk or an hour-long drive, the time you spend getting to work can affect the rest of your day (and your health, too). But your commute doesn’t have to be a rude, stressful, or time-wasting experience. In fact, it can be calming, productive and even help you burn some extra calories.

Happify, a website and app dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, has come up with tricks to make sure your travel-time isn’t going to negatively influence your work, your family or your waistline. Take a look at the suggestions in the infographic below. Here’s to making your commute the happiest part of your day.

―Talia Cuddeback


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