Here's How To Make The Most Of Your Commute

And be happier because of it.

Commuting is part of your day, whether you like it or not.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 10 minute walk or an hour-long drive, the time you spend getting to work can affect the rest of your day (and your health, too). But your commute doesn’t have to be a rude, stressful, or time-wasting experience. In fact, it can be calming, productive and even help you burn some extra calories.

Happify, a website and app dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, has come up with tricks to make sure your travel-time isn’t going to negatively influence your work, your family or your waistline. Take a look at the suggestions in the infographic below. Here’s to making your commute the happiest part of your day.

―Talia Cuddeback


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