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This Simple Snack Is Nutritious And Delicious

The internet is filled with so many different claims about snacks that cause weight loss, healthy alternatives, or guilt-free eating that many health conscious eaters don’t know what to do with themselves. This month at Outspeak, we’re trying to battle the misinformation about what is healthy for us and we want to ensure everyone knows what they’re putting in their bodies.

Because of all the false-food-facts out there, today we want to focus on one small recipe that can make a big change in the way you snack. YouTuber Marlon Doll is here to show off his Hemp Seed energy balls recipe. A small and convenient food that has all the essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids that your body needs.

According to Men’s Fitness, hemp is full of protein, which can help suppress hunger. The high protein content can also help you feel full longer. Hemp seeds are also high in insoluble and soluble fiber to provide more than enough bulk to keep your gastrointestinal system regular.

Still don’t believe us? Follow the recipe in the video above and see for yourself.