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How To Make Your Blowout Last An Entire Week

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By now, you're well aware of the virtues of not washing your hair every day. Beauty editors and common gals alike are breaking free from the daily shampoo-condition-style grind.

But what about the greaseballs among us? How can we get on board and still look fresh? Look no further than our weeklong plan, which starts with a fabulous blowout and makes it last until the bitter end.

Monday: Savor The Blowout. Here's How.


Tuesday: Flip It And Reverse It. Here's How.


Wednesday: The Hump-Day Braid. Here's How.


Thursday: The Half-Bun. Here's How.


Friday: The Sleek Pony. Here's How.


Saturday: Knot It And Forget It. Here's How.


Sunday: Suds Up, Buttercup. Here's How.


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