How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Spa

Mindful home must-haves.
There’s no easier place to start seriously practicing self care than in the sanctuary of your own home.
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There’s no easier place to start seriously practicing self care than in the sanctuary of your own home.

There’s perhaps no better form of self care than treating yourself to a spa day. Unfortunately, we’re not all living like royals (though we might wish we were), so our calendars aren’t filled with weekly spa trips.

The good news? There’s no easier place to start seriously practicing self care than in the sanctuary of your own home. Whether you’re into practicing gratitude, focused meditation, clean eating, energizing yoga, or simply want your space to have more feel-good spa vibes, your home can be one of the first places for a wellness pitstop.

The trend experts at Etsy just tipped us off to the home decor trends you’ll see everything this spring, and mindful home must-haves are on the list, like meditation poufs, oil diffusers and comfy throws.

Below, 13 ways you can make your home feel like a wellness spa:

Incense Holders
Use these crafted holders to beautifully display your incense. Get them at Etsy, $23.
Room Mist
Get this room mist full of notes of Bulgarian rose, clementine, and vetiver to add some freshness whenever. Get it at Etsy, $19.
Plush Bath Towels
Urban Outfitters
A plush bath towel set will add some luxe to your shower routine. Get the set at Urban Outfitters, $150.
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Urban Outfitters
Made of natural materials, this salt lamp will add some positive vibes to your home along with ambience lighting. Get it at Urban Outfitters, $34.
Meditation Cushions
This meditation cushion is made from high quality natural linen and filled with eco-friendly organic buckwheat hulls. Get it at Etsy, $64.
An easy way to infuse different therapeutic scents into your home is through a diffuser. Get it at Jet, $37.
Fleece Throw
Urban Outfitters
A comfy throw will add another level of cozy to your bed, couch, armchair, and more. Get it at Urban Outfitters, $39.
Urban Outfitters
Plants will instantly add some brightness to your place. Get a set of 20 succulents at Urban Outfitters, $79.
Urban Outfitters
While candles seem like an obvious peaceful addition to your home, don't underestimate how a candle, certain scent, dim lighting, can transform a room. Get this candle at Urban Outfitters, $25.
Urban Outfitters
Hang on to crystals when you're feeling stressed or out of sorts. Not only do they supposedly have energizing properties, but they're beautiful joy triggers. Get them at Urban Outfitters, $12.
Urban Outfitters
This incense pack is made of sustainably harvested herbs to ward off any bad vibes or add some natural scent to your home. Get a pack of 3 incense sticks at Urban Outfitters, $14.
Pillow Spray
Fall asleep faster with this deep pillow spray filled with notes of lavender and chamomile for a peaceful snooze. Get it at Anthropologie, $29.
String Lights
Urban Outfitters
Hang some string lights along your walls, on your headboard, or in your living room for some ambient lighting. Get these firefly string lights at Urban Outfitters, $64.

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