How To Make Your Messy Makeup Collection Look Like A Million Bucks

You're going to like this -- we promise.

Let’s face it: You can have too much makeup.

Between the palettes, the lipsticks and the limited-edition releases, it can be next to impossible to resist picking up the latest and greatest beauty product. But, despite our obsession, sometimes it gets to be too much.

Our vanities and countertops appear to almost buckle under the weight.

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So what’s the answer? Channel Marie Kondo and get to organizing, ladies and gents!

Trash the stuff you’re not using anymore or the stuff that’s old (check those expiration dates, y’all) and clean up what you’re keeping. Trust us, we’ve got some tips to take your makeup habits from garbage to ‘gram-worthy.

1. Get a Lucite or clear organizer with drawers.

You’ve probably seen Icebox on Instagram before ― their units are gorgeous and celebrities from Bachelorettes to Real Housewives have them. These are great because they’re the marriage of both organizing and functionality. A major reason makeup is often out and all over the place is because if it’s in sight, you’re way more likely to actually use it. The Icebox (prices start at $365) makes it so you can see your stuff, but also keep it contained. And, hey, this is what buying stuff for the packaging is all about, right?

This one’ll take some crafting, but it’s way easier than you think! Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how to make a magnetized makeup board of your own.

Cake stands are lovely to look at and you can usually find them on the cheap at places like Target or HomeGoods. They also make your beauty collection look positively gorgeous. We love the beaded edging on this one.

4. Repurpose mugs and cups to hold your brushes.

Sure, mugs are great for drinking out of, but sometimes they’re too pretty to ruin with coffee stains! Anthropologie has quite a collection of vintage-y and/or detailed mugs that scream “put me on your dresser!”

5. Make the most out of your candles, too!

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Diptyque candle containers have long been used as holders for makeup, cotton swabs and the like. Which makes sense, because look how damn pretty they are. It’s also a great way of repurposing something you’d otherwise throw away.

6. Put your palettes in a basket.

Copper anything looks pretty, but a basket like this one does the same thing that the Icebox does ― you can still see all your stuff and you suddenly have a palette-bookcase. The small version of this West Elm basket gets an A+ from us.

7. Use mirror-plated or mercury glass trays to consolidate.

Mirrors and mercury glass are both super shiny, instantly adding glamour to any surface. They also look stunning in photographs. Wayfair has a ton of great trays to choose from.

Happy organizing!

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