How to Make Your Milk Last a Week Longer

The Martha Stewart in you wants to buy the organic stuff, but you usually end up with generic milk because it is so much cheaper. Well, what if we told you we had a solid reason to splurge—besides the fact that organic is usually better for your health?

It turns out that organic milk lasts at least a week longer (sometimes as many as three weeks longer) than the regular kind. According to Craig Baumrucker, professor of animal nutrition and physiology at Penn State, organic milk goes through a more rigorous pasteurization process that kills all bacteria and extends its shelf life. In fact, because of that process, it actually doesn’t need to be refrigerated at all. (But hey, baby steps.)

Now you can buy a gallon or two at a time, knowing that organic milk has a more enduring shelf life, instead of replacing what’s in the fridge every week right after it expires.


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