How To Make Your Own 'Instant' Mac And Cheese In A Mug

So cheesy, and so easy.

It's always a good time for mac and cheese. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that mac and cheese is ready-made whenever to mood should strike. While the blue-boxed option will always do in a pinch -- especially since they're taking the artificial ingredients out of it -- homemade is always best.

Homemade "instant" mac and cheese that you make in a mug is the solution to this cheesy conundrum. LOOK:

Yes, it really is possible to make homemade mac and cheese instantly, in a mug. The best part about this simple recipe -- aside from the fact that it is super-easy creamy deliciousness -- is that it calls for only a handful of ingredients: pasta, cheese, milk and water. Plus salt for tasting, naturally. Food blogger The View From Great Island (the genius creator behind the iced coffee popsicles) developed this recipe and the world is a better place for it.

While the recipe itself is simple, there are a few important things one needs to know in order to get it right. Head on over to The View From Great Island for complete instructions. It'll be the best thing you do all day.

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