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How To Make Yourself Stand Out

Life is full of little situations that you encounter regularly. Some people don't see these for the opportunities that they are: a chance to stand out, be different, and be memorable.

They're a way to quickly built rapport with someone so they can think back later and say "Brian...hmm, yeah he was the guy who does [BLANK]" or "Barbara, oh yeah she is the gal who said [BLANK]". You stood out enough to be remembered.

By breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something a little different than everyone else you can connect with new people on a regular basis.

1. How's it going? This is perhaps one of the most common questions you will hear, and everyone gives the same answer. Instead of saying "fine", "ok, how about you", or "keepin busy", next time try giving some uncommon honesty. Don't parrot back your usual response. Think of something positive, unique, and/or funny that you are doing, and give them a one line summary. Keeping it positive is key. You should be bringing smiles to people's faces, not unloading your baggage or stress.

To the receptionist: "Today has been crazy, I just closed that deal I've been workin on for the last month. High five!"

To the checker at the grocery store: "I'll tell you what man, it's gonna be going a lot better after I eat this sandwhich, I'm starving!"

To the cab driver: "Stupendous!"