How to Manage Stress and Make It Beneficial for Your Health?

Stress usually appears every time you are about to have an interview, a speech in public, a health problem, the pressure of work or before an important meeting. And whenever you have stress, you become anxious, nervous, have insomnia and your performance may be decreased. So a question arises, how to manage stress and make life balance with peace of mind?

The hardest thing makes it difficult to manage stress is you have to deal with many causes of stress at the same time. A test next week, a meeting with the boss tomorrow, a stressful relationship with a lover, your progress of work are being delayed for weeks, even you can worry about something like you forgot your wallet in that movie theatre and not sure if it’s in a safe place.

Where is the real problem?

Stress is a feeling and it stems from your thoughts. Contrary to conventional thinking, the cause of stress is not in the elements of the outside world but it belongs to the elements inside your mind. The way you think about what is happening will make you feel stressed.

That does not mean you tackle stress by just sitting around, changing your thinking and hoping that everything will automatically fall into right place. You need to act but with a liberal mind rather than an anxious mind.


1. Clean yourself: Write down all your worries, things that cause you feel stressed, the consequences that you fear it will happen. When writing on a paper, your problems are no longer fearful as it is in your mind. Please also clean your body literally. Select better foods with more fibre and exercise to eliminate toxins from the body. The health condition of your body will affect your confidence level.

2. Relaxation: Lie on the bed to breathe deeply, relax every muscle in the body, end thoughts in your head and take a rest. You can do this after a bath.

3. Time management: If you have applied all the secrets of time management but work still piled up and you could not resolve, it is best to turn down the job. Tell your boss that you are overloaded. Please remove the unnecessary tasks and leave a lot more spaces in your time. Look! No one has the right to force you to live in a busy way. You only have 24 hours a day. That means you are limited and you cannot pass off that limit.

Also, you need much more sense to set goals. You can not concentrate on multiple goals simultaneously. If you set too many goals, you can not finish them all. After a while, you continue to have new goals and the old unfinished goals. You will be so much stressed with many goals at the same time.

Therefore, you do not need to complete a lot of things at once. Break out every stage of life. Get rid of things that are not really important in life.

4. Spend time each day: Take time to review what you do today and consider if it is important to your goal in the next five years. This will save you from being anxious for the errands that can cause stress.

5. Change your beliefs: For those who believe that stress is a danger to health, they are prone to the risk of dying. They reinforce their belief that by reading the statistics on the number of deaths due to stress and they feel unable to let stress occur in your life.

Conversely, there are those who believe that stress is beneficial to life. Indeed, they are less at risk of dying because of their facing with stress is better and stress becomes friend with them. They do not put heavy pressure on themselves to remove the stress out of life at all costs. So they live comfortably with stress. Stress does not cause them to fear.

So your real enemy is not the stress but that is your belief that stress is dangerous and scary.

When you see stress is good for your body, your body will respond positively in accordance with what you think. You will be less at risk of health problem.

6. Be interested in other people: When you really care about people through actions and hugs, you will feel your mind is at ease. It is a social relationship that will help you master the stress. So never eat alone. Stay connected with social relationships and support your community. You'll see the magic happens because stress no longer controls you.

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