How to Manage Your Schoolwork and a Job

College is a huge time commitment. Throw in a job, an attempt at having a social life, and a hobby or two and you never seem to get everything done. However, there are ways that college students can help prevent burnout. Here are a few simple tips for managing your time in college:

Get a planner and USE IT

Try transferring your whole syllabus (including ALL due dates) into your planner as soon as you get it from each class. That way you can keep track of how soon assignments are due and plan to get them done in advance if you know you have a busy week at work coming up. Don't just schedule school events either -- a planner can help you remember important events in your social sphere and any work commitments you might have.

Know your enemies

If you know your course load is heavy -- particularly if you have a lot of labs, writing assignments, or out-of-class obligations -- lessen your workload if you can! This may mean asking your boss to schedule you less, or changing your contract. But doing this is easier if you...

Pick the right job

Flexibility is an important element to keep in mind when you are looking for a job as a college student. Jobs on campus require little to no commute time. Many allow you to work on homework during slow times (such as late nights at the library counter) because they understand you are a student first. And if you get employed by your major's department you can have a chance to foster important relationships with the staff.

Make your schedule work for you

Know when it is a good time for you to work and when it isn't. (Note: Early mornings are not a good time for most college students!) Jobs come with peaks and valleys, but every single day should not be the worst day you've ever had at work.

Know yourself

You know how hard you can work for how many hours at school and your job. Don't overload yourself and don't compromise your health or your important relationships. College is about more than cash and credits, and you'll regret if you let other aspects of your college experience pass you by.