How to Manage Your Work to Improve the Performance

Your job is probably a bigger part of your life that you'd like to admit, but not knowing when to stop our busy schedules can lead to frustration, lack of motivational energy, and the disability to perform at the optimal level. Have you thought about slowing down, or at least taking things more easy?

Ironically, all the tools and platforms that promise to help us save time when it comes to doing big tasks actually lead us to spending more time working. I feel that we can take a more friendly -- strategic, if you like -- approach to being busy all the time.


While it's true that business life can be tough, one should never assume that it's impossible to slow down, or that by doing so, someone is going to shame you for it. Learning to stay focused isn't going to lead you to less work, but it will certainly help you to manage stress, allow you to do more, and generally provide a smoother working experience.

Do What You're Told

The first problem that comes to mind when thinking about busy work lives is when people are doing what they're not supposed to do, which isn't really all that uncommon. If you're working in sales or marketing, it's highly unlikely that you'll know how to program, or even how to design a website. Trying to excel at those skills is going to lead to an even bigger burnout.

You've got several choices, but if you're working as an individual entrepreneur -- the best one is probably to hire people with the necessary skills, avoid burning yourself out just because you don't understand how something works. It could be that with a little bit of investment, you can get things on a better track than before.

Sit Down and Think

I have to work on this one myself. It's so tough to find "plain time" that I can use to sit down, enjoy my surroundings, and think. But, I've found that it doesn't just help to cope with a busy work life; it actually increases my awareness toward everything related to my business ventures. Needs to be done on frequent basis, otherwise there is no point.

Why Am I Busy?

It's a good question to ask yourself. You'll experience what it's like to question yourself in regard to your actions, and I've found that it's one of the most effective self-help tools out there. By asking yourself questions you're making the brain return to the present moment, in which decisions tend to happen on a more relaxed level.

One at a Time

I have never been a huge fan of multitasking, and while it's -- technically -- possible for a human to multitask, many research papers and articles suggest the exact opposite: Multitasking is not good for you, and it's inefficient -- so why even waste your time on it?

Better Work Performance

You're always going to be dealing with stress, impatience, lack of motivation, and other similar traits when it comes to managing your work life. But, if you can dedicate a couple of minutes for each of the steps we discussed, I think you'll be on your way to a more focused workflow than before.