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How to Manifest Something From Nothing

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Ah manifesting... the process that allows for ideas to morph into physical, tangible, things. Simple right? Well... it could be if you know how to go about it.

However, like anything there is a learning curve, or should I say an understanding curve. I suspect if you actually understand how manifesting works, you will easily and deliberately manifest.

In this article, I debunk a few myths regarding manifesting and share truths about this fairly simple process that; for whatever reason, is often misunderstood and complicated.

I've given countless radio and video interviews and similar questions get asked over and over. They are: Is the process the same when it comes to manifesting all things? it as easy to manifest a million dollars, as it is one dollar? Lastly, why do some things take longer to manifest than others?

Let's start with the premise of this blog: how to manifest something from nothing. What is nothing?

Does NoThing Exist?

Nothing is "no thing" and it is impossible to have the experience of nothing. There is no such thing, as "nothing" and since nothing is non-existent, we need to turn our attention to what does exist.

Before energy takes form, an infinite number of potential outcomes and possibilities exist.
Stay with me, this is BIG... turns out; the belief in nothing is actually belief in something that hasn't been constructed by you yet. Furthermore, all possible potential outcomes exist simultaneously, which is why it's important to be deliberate while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen by default.

Is Manifesting Something You Turn On or Off?

No. Manifesting is always happening by you; all the time, whether you know it or not. You are in a constant state of manifesting, the question to ask yourself is: "do you like what you are manifesting?"
If you don't, you have an opportunity to change what you manifest in your life. Let's keep going.

What Are Physical Objects Made Of?

Before I go further, I want to disclose I am not a scientist. Rather, I am someone who gleans information relevant to manifesting from my non-physical team, who exist in the celestial realm and refer to themselves as The ONE Voice. This is what I know to be true:

Your senses perceive physical tangible objects because your subconscious mind (based on previous experiences) informs you that what you see is solid. These tangible objects take up space and constitute what was originally thought of as "matter."

However, with advancements in science and technology, scientists discovered matter isn't as solid as originally thought. Turns out everything that is solid is actually moving and vibrating. Matter is actually made up of interacting sub atomic particles that contain a nucleus of protons, neutrons, electrons and a tiny unknown substance that are constantly in motion and vibrating.

Matter is actually created from energy; therefore the formed is created from the formless. This is another reason why things that appear solid can change state or "form" very quickly. Bring to mind water in all its various states: hot, cold, frozen, fluid, stagnant and steam. Depending on what force (or energy) is being applied to water determines the physical structure of water.

Thought Initiates Manifestation

Everything you see, touch, smell or taste started as thought. The late Dr. Masaru Emoto in his groundbreaking work "The Hidden Messages in Water" proved that thought applied to water changed the molecular structure of the water, in fact the more loving, kind and joyful the thought the more fully formed and beautiful the crystalline structure of water.

Although not the first to prove thought influences the form matter takes, Dr. Emoto's photographs of frozen water droplets became known worldwide. Since then, many have conducted experiments on rice, and plants and achieved similar results.

You've created experiences too from using the power of your thoughts, but might not have known it. For example, have you ever thought of someone and within minutes they phoned you? Or maybe you had the thought, "I desire to have more clients" and within a day or two someone reached out to you, seemingly "out of the blue." Nothing happens "out of the blue" or "by accident" everything happens in a carefully orchestrated way starting with you.

You Initiate, Create and Manifest What You Desire

Which means, at any and in every given moment, you have the ability to create whatever you desire. You decide what you desire to experience, always and in all ways. I'll take this line of thought one-step further; you initiate and create all of your experiences, the "good" and the "not so good."

How are you creating your experiences you ask? You create experiences by your thoughts. Just so you know, not all thoughts have the power to create. Thank goodness, after all, you have anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. That is a lot of thoughts, don't you think?
Would you like all your random thoughts to come to fruition... probably not?

However, thoughts that are deliberate, focused and held for 17 seconds or longer invite other thoughts of similar vibration to give support to the original thought. Now your thoughts are going places... specifically connecting in with the astral realm, which is where unlimited possibilities and potentialities exist.

The astral realm is where everything is constantly shifting and changing due to your thoughts shifting and changing. This is where the invisible forces come to "play" with you and assist you to manifest your desires. For invisible forces to assist you to manifest your desires you need to be clear about what you desire. That is your job... become clear about your desires.

In the astral realm, you decide what is possible for you, this is why it's important to dream big and allow yourself to explore all options during this early phase of manifesting.

Thinking or dreaming small does not serve you as the formless takes form always, it's a universal law. You are in charge of deciding how big or small your dreams are.

Right now you have a blank canvas in front of you... what will you create?

The Etheric Realm is Where Thought Forms

When your original thought is joined by other thoughts of the same vibration a strong base is formed to allow for focus and clarity. A clear and focused thought journeys from the astral realm to the etheric realm.

The etheric realm allows for thought to coalesce yet is still not fully formed. The etheric realm is most near our physical 3D world. In this realm amplified emotion is applied to your original thought. When emotion is applied to thought, the thought shifts and becomes a desire.

Desire takes place in the heart. Your heart is the most powerful manifesting organ in your body. The heart is the first organ formed within the body and gives you immediate impulses to act on. A strong feeling cannot be dismissed it must be explored.

Therefore, feelings, passion, and desire become the vehicle for which you manifest your original thought.

The more passionate and emotional excited, enthusiastic, grateful and joyful you are the faster you will manifest your desires. You might be reading this and thinking, "I am passionate about my desires, yet, why is it taking so long for my desires to manifest?" Fair question... keep reading; I've gotcha covered!

Energy Follows The Path of Least Resistance

So at this point, we know everything is energy or more specifically vibration. You must be in the flow to receive your desires physically and tangibly. If you are not in the state of flow, then you are in the state of resistance. Resistance within you comes in the form of fear, doubt, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, and feeling unworthy.

When immersed in those low vibration feelings you are still manifesting, yet you are manifesting what you don't want. Now you know why what you don't want keeps showing up in your life, because the universe brings you what you focus on and other things in alignment with your vibration.

If you aren't manifesting high vibration experiences such as: love, joy, abundance, clarity and etc. chances are you initiated the process while being in a low vibratory state i.e. fear, lack, self-doubt, worry and etc.

Think about it... have you ever desired something of high vibration and wanted it so badly and felt like you "needed" it? The feeling of need creates lack, which is low vibration. There was probably a good chance you didn't manifest your high vibration desire. Now, you no longer have to wonder why.

Hopefully you are starting to understand how low and high vibrations don't/can't/never line up!

Now we need to look at how do you manifest your good?

Raising Your Vibration Brings Good Things

Before you create a focused, clear, direct thought to send out to the universe and connect in the astral realm, you must relax and take a deep breath. Get centered, find your happy place and then...but only then allow for thoughts of what you desire to coalesce. See yourself having already achieved that desire.

If you desire a successful business, see yourself conducting business successfully and confidently, depositing large checks in your bank account, loving your full and productive schedule and in the flow of working with happy clients.

This part cannot be overlooked if you desire to manifest quickly. Visualization invokes your subconscious mind, which directs 95 percent of your behavior. This is why you behave/react/respond the way you do to most things in life, automatically.

To raise your vibration to match the vibration of abundance, love, joy, perfect health and etc. it is essential to feel good. Feeling good about yourself, life, your ability to manifest, will assist you in this process. Next, as you visualize having already achieved what you desire and feel good doing so, allow for a feeling of certainty to wash over you. Certainty and KNOWING you will achieve your desire accelerates manifesting.

One more step to go... hold on tight its big.

Take Guided Action

At this point in the manifesting process you will receive inspiration regarding what action to take. Inspiration can come in the form of knowing, gut feeling, sign from the universe, chill bumps, message from a friend, the ways are endless. The key when receiving inspiration to take guided action is take notice.

Notice when inspiration comes to you and then act on it. Inspiration is easy, effortless, natural, and innate. Inspiration comes from within you.

Inspiration Over Perspiration

When you act on inspiration life will start flowing more easily for you. You will align with your inner most desires rather than try to make things happen that you really don't want. No longer will you feel the need to "keep up with the Joneses" or "fit a square peg in a round hole" you will simply allow yourself to stay in the flow of being. When you are in the flow everything happens more easily.

When life is easy, it gets silly fun and silly fun is the exact state at which we manifest almost instantaneously what we desire.
Oh and please remember...

What You Desire, Desires You

To more easily bridge the gap between you and your desires, please always remember this one important piece to the manifesting puzzle: what you desire, desires you.

Become desirable to your desires and there isn't anything you can't Be Do or Have.

Happy Manifesting!

Jaden Sterling

Jaden is an intuitive business coach, famous for teaching entrepreneurs how to work on their business, and not in it. Jaden is a sought after media expert featured regularly on radio, TV and in print, including Calgary TV, Fox Business, Africa Business Daily, The Huffington Post, Om-Times Magazine and many others. For more information about Jaden's work please visit: