How to Manifest Your Vision- Even When You Don't Feel Up to It!

One crucial lesson I've learned over the years of running my company, Delegate Solutions, is that ultimately my company and team are only as strong as I am. Meaning my business's growth is only limited by my health, my capacity and my vision to do great things with it. My own positive thoughts are the fundamental keys to attraction, manifestation and creativity that determine our collective success. Because of this, I choose to expect great things and I am always laying the groundwork and taking the actions needed to manifest them!

At a conference recently, one of the keynote speakers (a wildly successful female entrep) shared her key for success, simply this: "If you doubt yourself you're screwed." Positive thinking is about knowing you have the ability and power to create whatever you want, despite what your own mind or emotions try and make you believe. Repeat: positive thinking is an active choice, a habit. And while it's really hard sometimes to shift there, being able to do so is a critical leadership skill to master.

Below are a few great ways I've found to inject positivity into my routine:

  • Start with success! Get your mind into a space where you are focused on what you HAVE accomplished. In Strategic Coach ® they call this "Positive Focus" and it's mucho important! Just by acknowledging the wins, you are already boosting your energy level. You can even try this with your team--we start every weekly meeting with a list of our wins from the week prior.
  • Another great exercise to create positive energy is to create your "Wouldn't it be amazing if..." list. This approach allows you to stifle the negativity around dreaming big because it's simply a "what-if" list. You're not committing anything on that list, you're simply giving your mind some creative freedom to vision. Our team has been using this process and it has had mega-impact on our alignment around vision. Try using a tool with your team called "Stormboard" which is a web-based brainstorm whiteboard tool to capture everyone's thoughts. The sky is the limit here!
  • Deal with your frogs! We all have those nuisance challenge tasks or situations. Ruminating over them allows for negative energy that zaps you and is completely unproductive. Embrace the power of the truth- stop avoiding, deal with it and move on! Take that new-found mental space and use it for happy, wonderful ideas.
  • Visualize your success and the actions needed to get you there. Chances are if you can't picture yourself achieving it, it won't happen. Let your mind envision winning that new client, buying that dream house, taking that amazing trip. Get as detailed as possible - how does it feel, what does it look like, why is it important? What will do you when you achieve that goal; what will it mean for you? Share that vision with your mastermind group or peer network and watch it "get real" fast!
  • Practice affirmations and make time for joy. Science has proven that when you are experiencing positive emotions, you will see more possibilities in your life. As entrepreneurs positivity is a must as we are ultimately creating those possibilities. Need help with this one? Try a free app that shows you affirmations on your smartphone or Twitter. Or check out anything by Danielle LaPorte, particularly her book "The Desire Map" which helps you create goals with soul!

Remember, even we entreps are mere mortals. Our challenges are great, but the rewards we manifest are greater. Take care of your company's most valuable resource: you, your energy and your vision!

This blogger graduated from Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses program. Goldman Sachs is a partner of the What Is Working: Small Businesses section.