How To Apply Mascara According To The Best Beauty Hacks Out There

Putting on mascara ranks pretty low on the spectrum of complicated makeup application techniques (um, hello, contouring). Still, there are common mistakes that are worth avoiding.

In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson shares 10 mascara tips to keep in mind when whipping around that wand.

For instance, do your eyelashes always clump together? Allow each coat to dry before putting on the next to avoid this mishap. Also, be sure to check the expiration date on your product, as Johnson notes that the average shelf life for mascara is 2-4 months.

Other tips we love include applying loose powder to your eyelashes first -- it's the secret to getting thicker and fluffier lashes. And if you're having a hard time coating your lower lashes, hold the mascara wand vertical instead of horizontal.

Check out the video for all 10 mind-blowing mascara hacks and leave your tips in the comments section.

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