How to Meditate?


Most people know that meditation is good for us, and that it is a highly recommended health and wellbeing, as well as spiritual, practice. Many people however, miss out on the many benefits of regular meditation only because...they don't know how to meditate.

This process remains mysterious and illusive, because the standard answer to the question 'What do I do to mediate?' is 'Do nothing. Just empty your mind and be still'. This proves to be a real challenge for the conscious mind, whose job is to keep providing you with the never ending stream of thoughts (and the last thing it would want is to stop it and be still), so you ask in desperation - 'how do I DO nothing?'.

And so let's give your conscious mind something to think about before meditating, to satisfy its curiosity and lower its resistance to letting go of control. I will also share with you a simple process - something that your conscious mind can easily hold on to before slipping into the meditative abyss. I will share with you the secret of what I call - Quantum Meditation.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of mind in which we connect directly with The Source (God/The Universe/The Infinite Mind/All That Is/The Quantum Field/The Creator - whatever name you chose). This happens, I propose, thanks to the two key characteristics of the meditative state:

1. Silence - no thoughts or emotions; emptiness in your conscious mind that creates the necessary space for receiving the highest frequency communication.

Think of it this way - when you want to hear what someone is saying to you, you need to stop talking! In the noise of the avalanche of your 50,000 (or so) thoughts per day (oops, here is the 50,001...) you can't hear the whispers of The Creator or your Higher Self.

2. The frequency alignment with The Quantum Field - by slowing down your brainwaves from beta (stressed/highly active) to alpha (relaxed/creative) and finally to theta (deeply relaxed/hypnotic state).

You don't want to slip down all the way to delta as then you will fall asleep; you want to remain in this slim space between the awaken and asleep states - lower alpha and (ideally) theta. How do you know when you are in theta without being hooked up to an electroencephalograph (EEG)? When your brainwaves slow down to theta, you lose the awareness of your physical body, time, space, and your persona. You are pure consciousness that just IS. You know that you ARE. The best way I can describe this sensation is 'absolute peace and infinite expansion' that just feels...delicious! You are one with All That Is, while retaining the awareness of one-self.

The Process of Quantum Meditation

This is what I call Quantum Meditation based on my own experience. The alignment is so strong that you feel no difference between you and the rest of the Universe. In this deep meditative state you can heal, visualise and create your future, receive information and insights, communicate with your spiritual guides and other beings in higher levels of existence, venture into some out-of-body travel visiting other dimensions and universes, and completely rejuvenate your mind and body, as it is said that 20 minutes of this deep meditation will refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep (the actual time proportion is still not poinpointed by science).

Great, you say - so how do I do that? Here is a simple, yet very effective technique:

  1. As you are sitting down comfortably, relax, close your eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths.
  2. Imagine a stream of white light coming through the top of your head down your entire body, like a shower. As it does, imagine that it dissolves your physical body making it invisible.
  3. Focus your inner awareness on the space around your body - not the body itself. Explore this space with your inner senses, expanding further and further away from your body into infinity. When you focus on nothingness - space, emptiness - your brain automatically slows down to match this frequency, and before you know it - you are in theta. [Please note that slower brain waves do not mean lower frequency of your energy signature - these are two separate, although related concepts].

It may take a little bit of practice to achieve this state, especially if you are a meditation novice, so don't be discouraged if you don't get to meditate like a monk on day one. Persist and practice regularly every day, and soon you will reap the rewards.

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